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The Bachelor: Did Matt James just reveal who he picked through his playlist?

The Bachelor Matt James
Did The Bachelor Matt James just reveal his final pick? Pic credit: ABC

The Bachelor star Matt James has just started his journey as the lead of the 2021 season as Episode 3 airs on ABC tonight.

Viewers still haven’t seen Matt interact with all the women, but there seem to be some guesses that Matt may have picked Rachael Kirkconnell.

So far, it has only been speculation and theories, but Matt himself may just have revealed his own pick by his taste in music.

As it turns out, Spotify gives plenty of information to its users, which means that fans can see what Matt is listening to.

Matt James may just have spilled the beans on his final pick

Apparently, Matt was recently listening to a premade playlist. It wasn’t so much the music that exposed Matt.

It was who had created the playlist.

“Did Spotify spoil the season? Swipe to the right to see and let us know: F1 or does Matt just like her taste in music?” A Bachelor fan account wrote on Instagram, sharing a screenshot with further captions.

“In addition to prior evidence, Matt was listening to Rachael’s Night Drive playlist today.”

In the photo, Matt was listening to a playlist called “night drive” that was created by none other than Rachael Kirkconnell.


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You can see the screenshot above and read the small font, which reveals who made the playlist.

Matt James isn’t happy about the assumptions of his final pick

Matt has been vocal about people guessing how his season concludes. It is still very early in The Bachelor journey and Matt hasn’t had deep conversations with Rachael on the small screen.

In fact, Victoria and Sarah have stolen the show thus far.

But Matt isn’t happy that fans assume that the winner is white. He spoke out about these assumptions on the Bachelor Happy Hour podcast, revealing that he has dated women of all backgrounds and races.

Reality Steve has revealed that his best guess is that Rachael has won Matt’s heart on The Bachelor because Rachael’s own mother supposedly can’t stop talking about how her daughter won The Bachelor.

One thing is for sure – The Bachelor fans will watch closely once Matt and Rachael start their journey together on the show.

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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