The Bachelor creator Mike Fleiss teases that the next Bachelorette will come from Clayton Echard’s season

Clayton's rose ceremony.
The new Bachelorette will reportedly come from Clayton Echard’s season according to creator Mike Fleiss. Pic credit: ABC

The Bachelor creator Mike Fleiss revealed this week that the next Bachelorette will reportedly be one of Clayton Echard’s leading ladies.

Fleiss dropped several vague tweets during Monday’s episode, hinting that The Bachelorette is already being chosen from this season’s cast.

Fleiss teased viewers to keep an eye out for the potential new Bachelorette.

Fans were further intrigued by a follow-up tweet from Fleiss stating, “Not sure what it is, but there’s something about Shanae that I really like…”

The tweet inspired backlash from the fans, who appeared very against the idea of the season villain as the new Bachelorette.

Fans give their best guesses on who will be The Bachelorette

“She better not be the next Bachelorette!” One fan wrote, referring to Fleiss’s tweet about Shanae. “NOBODY wants to see that. If she is, I (as, I’m sure, many others) won’t watch. I’ll probably be done with the franchise if that is the case.

tweet about shanae
Pic credit: @OuterSpaceChik/Twitter

“She attacked the entire ADHD community, and as someone with ADHD and ADD, that was awful to watch,” another tweet read. “She needs to learn and grow, I currently don’t like her much.”

tweet to mike fleiss
Pic credit: @MBRead3/Twitter

Shanae Ankney has been one of the most talked-about contestants of the season, with her comments about ADHD and her claims she was “bullied” by the house alienating her from fans and the other women alike.

mike fleiss tweet
Pic credit: @fleissmeister/Twitter

Despite Fleiss’s cryptic tweet about Shanae, most fans appear to believe that the front-runners for the role are Susie Evans and Gabby Windey.  

Viewers took to this Reddit thread to give their best guesses.

“They are clearly grooming Suzie for this. (I am not spoiled and have no idea who wins),” one fan wrote. “She’s getting the classic ‘kooky yet relatable’ edit. It’s rinse and repeat over and over.”

reddit comment
Pic credit: @H28koala/Reddit

The Bachelor creator teases new lead on Twitter

This is not the first time creator Mike Fleiss has stirred fans up on Twitter over the show.

“All I can tell you right now is that #Bachelor nation will be very happy! Well, maybe not everybody…” he tweeted before Clayton’s season of The Bachelor.

Mike Fleiss' tweet about The Bachelor
Pic credit: @fleissmeister/Twitter

The casting of “underdog” Clayton Echard was a controversial decision within Bachelor nation, with many fans questioning why other potential leads had been bypassed.

Many viewers were rooting for Michael Allio, Andrew Spencer, or Brandon Jones to be given a second chance at love on the show.

It would typically be too early in the season to expect an official announcement, however, Bachelor creators appeared to break the mold with the early casting of Clayton Echard.

We will have to wait for the official announcement to know for sure, but given his history, we will no doubt get more clues from Mike in the meantime.

The Bachelorette is currently on hiatus.

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