The Bachelor contestant Kristin is making headlines ahead of first episode as viewer recalls scary moment

Bachelor Kristin
The Bachelor contestant Kristin is making headlines. Pic credit: ABC

The Bachelor premieres tonight and there are a record-breaking 32 women who will meet Matt James during the first episode.

They are all making big efforts to stand out to win his attention, whether it’s showing up in an expensive car or with a quarantine vibrator.

But there is one woman who was making headlines ahead of the premiere, because of something that happened a while ago.

The women were recently announced and it appears that one woman stood out for all the right reasons.

That woman is Kristin.

The Bachelor contestant Kristin helped a woman in need

Apparently, someone who went to college with Kristin remembers something she did for her years ago after a college-related event. She shared everything on Twitter and she wants Kristin to win the whole thing.

“A girl I knew in college is gonna be on The Bachelor and one time after an alumni event she took a subway w/ me and a man all the way in the wrong direction bc he was trying to cheat on his wife w/ me and I was too dull to notice,” a Twitter user named Sydney Battle wrote on the social network.

“So anyways, I think she should win.”

Kristin is a 27-year-old attorney from Virginia Beach, Virginia.

Matt James
Pic credit: @bachelorteaspill/Instagram

Kristin can’t comment on these kinds of stories because of her contract with ABC. However, it would be interesting to hear her side of the story.

The Bachelor will be packed with drama

While the story about Kristin’s help on the subway probably won’t air on The Bachelor, there will be plenty of other drama.

We already know that one of the women on Matt’s season was accused of being a ‘sugar baby’ and an ‘escort’ in a preview for the season.

We also know that the women on the show will cry and fight to get Matt’s attention. Chris Harrison has revealed that this season will be different because Matt hasn’t filmed a Bachelor-related show before.

Chris has already teased that Matt will go through the “wringer” on The Bachelor and that it will be an emotional and innocent journey. Before the show premiered, Chris teased that Matt had never been in love before and he was overwhelmed, confused and emotional while filming the show with all the women who wanted his attention and love.

The Bachelor premieres Monday, January 4, at 8/7c on ABC.

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