The Bachelor: Clayton Echard receives flak from the women’s families during hometowns

Clayton Echard
Clayton Echard, the current Bachelor, faces criticism from the final four women’s families. Pic credit: ABC

Clayton Echard, the nation’s current leading man on The Bachelor, has narrowed down his women to the final four who are vying for his final rose and heart.

Clayton has kept Susie Evans, Rachel Recchia, Serene Russell, and Gabby Windey and will be visiting all four of their hometowns in tonight’s episode.

While Clayton has received some backlash this season for phrases he has used, his lip-licking habit, and keeping Shanae, that criticism and flak won’t stop tonight.

What do the final four women’s families have in store for Clayton Echard?

In tonight’s episode, Clayton is going to face the heat from the families of the women, as they ask him some very tough questions that he may not have the answers to yet.

The first clip shows what looks to be Serene’s father having a one-on-one discussion with Clayton, as he bluntly asks him, “Do you love her?”

As the preview cuts out before Clayton can give viewers an answer, it appears that he was very caught off-guard by the directness of the question.

In the second clip, a man who is presumably Gabby’s grandfather, tells Clayton, with an extremely serious face, “You’d better be good to her.”

From a previous spoiler, viewers know that Gabby’s grandfather basically put Clayton on blast already, saying that he thinks Clayton is “full of s**t” and isn’t good enough for Gabby.

Rachel Recchia’s dad is in the preview asking someone, “Do you want me to beat him up?” He is then seen having a conversation with Clayton, and the look on his face can be described as frustration and maybe even anger.

How does Clayton respond to what he goes through during these visits?

As the preview cuts to Clayton reflecting by a fire, he says that “It would be easier to cut ties.” Viewers are unsure of what he is referring to at this point, as editing is a strong point of the producers. He also says “his heart isn’t in it anymore,” and host, Jesse Palmer, can be seen shocked and saying, “wow.”

All of the girls are seen crying in the final clips of the preview for tonight’s episode, and it leaves viewers with the following: “And it all leads to the most shocking—heart-wrenching—Bachelor finale ever.” We have heard this from not only Reality Steve, but also Mike Fleiss, The Bachelor creator, and Jesse Palmer.

Clayton, in an off-camera confessional, is the last clip that viewers see as he gets emotional himself and cries, “I’m so broken.”

In the preview for the hometown dates, Clayton also reveals in an off-camera confessional that he hasn’t said he’s fallen in love with any of the four women; however, coming into hometowns, both Susie and Serene have revealed to Clayton that they are falling in love with him.

Does Clayton eventually tell any of the women that he loves them? Do the other two women, Gabby and Rachel, reveal their true feelings? Does Clayton make it through the hometown visits? Stay tuned tonight and in the next few weeks for answers to these questions.

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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