Teresa Giudice’s former nemesis Kim D claims the RHONJ star’s new boyfriend is seeing another woman

Teresa Giudice’s former nemesis Kim D throws shade at the RHONJ Housewife’s new boyfriend. Pic credit: Bravo

There has been plenty of shade thrown over the years on the Real Housewives of New Jersey, and much of that has come from Kim DePaola or Kim D as she’s known on the show.

Kim D has been a friend of the show for years, and she has created her fair share of drama amongst the cast, most specifically with long-time Housewife Teresa Giudice.

Now, Kim is taking aim at Teresa’s new beau, Luis Ruelas, claiming that he’s not “normal” and has heard rumors that he’s been unfaithful to the mother of four.

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Kim D. sat down with Heather McDonald for an episode of her Juicy Scoop podcast.

Kim D says Teresa’s new boyfriend isn’t normal

After a lengthy discussion about Teresa and her ex-husband, Joe Giudice, Heather asks Kim, “Are you happy for her now? Now that they’re no longer together, she seems to be dating somebody normal-ish?”

“Well, he’s not normal,” Kim responds. “I got a message from a very good friend of mine, used to do my nails, stating that he’s seeing her girlfriend too. She goes, ‘Teresa got herself another cag, he’s really no good.’ She sent me pictures and I’m like, ‘I’m not getting involved.'”

“What I’m happy for with Teresa, that she did realize that she didn’t need to be with him. That she can go on on her own. And I was hoping that she did go for a different type of man, but, and I don’t know this man, and I don’t know that this is definitely true, girl did send me pictures. But, you know, again, I’m hearing rumors so it’s sad,” Kim explained.

She continued, “I’m not going to sit here telling you, ‘oh yes! She found herself such a lovely person’. No. That’s not what I hear. I wish her the best. You know what I mean? She’s been through a lot. She really has, and I do wish her the best.”

“Will I ever feel fondly for her? Or kindly? Absolutely not. She’s said some pretty mean things to people,” Kim concluded.

Kim says Teresa’s arrogance is what ultimately landed her in jail

While discussing the legal battles that Teresa face with ex-husband Joe Giudice, Kim weighed in on what led both personalities in jail.

Heather stated that when personalities are on this show, it’s all out there for the world to see.

She then said that she wondered if maybe a judge was sitting at home watching the show with his wife and randomly decided to pull up some records and that’s what could have led to the information about Teresa and Joe’s illegal activities.

Kim quickly set Heather straight and said, “Well I’m sure they do. But in this story, we know. We know that their partner did it, because he said he was gonna do it. He gave Joe an out. ‘Do the right thing by me.’ And then Chris Laurita said to Joe Giudice, ‘Just do the right thing man.'”

“And Joe basically said to him to go ‘f’ himself,” she continued.

She further explained that the former couple thought they were “bulletproof.” Even when the judge asked Teresa to reveal all of her assets, Kim claims that Teresa lied to the judge by saying that the majority of her jewelry was fake – when it wasn’t.

Kim also claimed that the judge told Teresa she was only going to give her probation, but that because she had lied about her assets, that’s ultimately what landed her in jail.

“I believe that this judge was so frustrated by their arrogance. They’re so arrogant. They’re still arrogant. You know, I think that’s what did it. Because they’re both very arrogant,” she stated.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey is currently on hiatus on Bravo.

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