Temptation Island’s Erica Washington debuts new mystery man on social media

Erica Washington
Erica seems to have healed from her heartbreak on Temptation Island as she debuts a new man Pic credit: USA Network

After leaving Temptation Island alone and breaking up with Kendal, Erica was excited to start her path of self-discovery and growth.

That was short-lived, however, since she just posted a picture on her Instagram story getting cozy with a mystery man.

In real-time, it has been a few months since the reunion episode aired where she got to vent about her relationship with Kendal and discuss how her life has been after the island.

Fans were happy to see Erica ditch Kendal and start on her path of self-growth off the island, and they were also happy to see that she has opened herself up to a new relationship.

Hopefully, this means that she has no more contact with Kendal and has left that toxic relationship in the past.

Erica has a new man after Temptation Island

In the Instagram picture, Erica was posed in between her mystery man’s legs at what appeared to be a baseball game.

She accompanied the photo with a caption that read, “It’s the glow for meeee.”

Erica Washington shares a photo with her new man
Erica posted a photo to her Instagram getting cozy with a new man Pic credit: @eericahan/Instagram

Erica recently posted a video where this same man could be seen, which led to speculation about whether she was romantically involved with him. This photo makes it hard to mistake their outing for anything other than a date.

Erica has been single since ending her toxic relationship with her manipulative and self-serving ex-boyfriend, Kendal, on Temptation Island.

She did hook up with one of the singles on the island close to the end of her journey, but that relationship didn’t go anywhere.

Erica’s fans are happy after what she went through on Temptation Island

Erica has a strong fan base who were overjoyed to see her moving on with someone new. They even called her mystery man an upgrade and joked about how anything would be an upgrade over Kendal.

Reddit thread about Erica Washington
Temptation Island fans expressed their happiness for Erica moving on Pic credit: @u/nainoakunukao/Reddit

Fans of Erica are hoping the mystery man’s identity will be revealed soon, but either way, they are happy that she felt comfortable to introduce him at all.

Erica is still very close to the other women from Temptation Island and they are all active on social media so fans can catch up with their latest happenings.

Temptation Island is currently on hiatus.

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