Temptation Island spoilers: Did Corey and Erin stay together or did they break up?

Erin and Corey at the Temptation Island reunion
Corey and Erin left The Reunion broken up, but Corey posted a picture of them together right after it aired. Pic credit: USA Network

During the Temptation Island Reunion, Erin broke up with Corey because they had fallen into their same toxic patterns and Erin felt like he wasn’t being truthful about his experience on the island.

After Erin declared that she was completely done with the relationship, Corey posted a picture of the two of them right after The Reunion aired, which shocked fans.

The main issues Corey and Erin faced on the island were Corey’s inability to stand up to Erin’s intimidating and belittling demeanor, and Erin’s lack of emotional availability. Corey wanted Erin to accept him for who he is and not compare him to past relationships while Erin wanted him to stand up and have more of a voice.

Erin made it clear on The Reunion that she was upset by Corey’s lack of communication when she wanted to know more about what happened between him and Amanda on the island because there were rumors that they hooked up.

Erin also confessed that she eliminated Shaquille because she had feelings for him, which left viewers confused if she wanted to pursue something in the wake of breaking up with Corey.

Corey’s Instagram post shocked fans who thought they were broken up

Corey’s post on Instagram made it seem like he and Erin were working on their relationship and he admitted his faults for all their followers to see.

After showering Erin with praises to her character, Corey said, “Tonight’s actions, whether it be understood or not, were justified. You were right. And I did hide and lie. But I’m sorry, and here’s to us continuing our growth and our love through thick n’ thin. I love you @esmooth.”

Confused fans, who just saw them break up on their TV’s, reacted in the comments section.

IG post from Temptation Island's Corey
Fans expressed their confusion over Corey and Erin’s relationship status. Pic credit: USA Network

Fans on Reddit also weighed in on the relationship between Corey and Erin, attacking Corey for mentioning that he hasn’t gotten his life together since Temptation Island and has been unemployed.

Reddit thread about Corey and Erin from Temptation Island
Fans went bad of Corey for his admission of being unemployed. Pic credit: @u/loveisland1987/Reddit

Reddit users also discussed how this couples just needs to move on because they are stuck in the same pattern.

Reddit thread about Corey and Erin from Temptation Island
Fans don’t think Corey and Erin will last. Pic credit: @u/loveisland1987/Reddit

Erin has not liked or commented on Corey’s post.

Will Erin and Corey stay together?

If old patterns repeat themselves, Corey and Erin do not stand a chance of maintaining their relationship. As much as they have tried to develop healthy habits and boundaries apart from each other, they keep falling back into their same problems.

If they aren’t able to figure out what keeps putting them in a bad place, then they will have to move on. But they both have options from the singles on the island.

Temptation Island is currently casting for new couples and singles for an anticipated fourth season of the hit USA Network show.

Temptation Island is currently on hiatus.

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