Temptation Island recap: Part 2 of The Final Bonfire and The Reunion

Kendal, Alexcys, and Erica
Tensions were hashed out between the participants during the Temptation Island reunion. Pic credit: USA Network

The entire Temptation Island journey culminated in this final bonfire and all the tea surrounding the couples’ final decisions. Viewers found out the fate of the final three couples on the island and got some of their need-to-know questions answered at the reunion.

There were satisfying moments from the bonfire and also some serious surprise decisions made by the couples who were trying to decide how they could be truly happy, and if that looked like leaving the island alone, with someone else, or with their significant other.

The reunion special hashed out details that went on after filming ended and caught up with where everybody was at in their love lives.

The Final Bonfire had surprising outcomes

Part 2 of the final bonfire started with the conclusion of Erica and Kendal’s decision. Erica decided to leave the island alone, and Kendal chose to leave with Alexcys.

When Thomas and Chelsea sat down at the final bonfire, they both agreed that have more trust issues after seeing each other with other people on the island. They both talked about their experiences and said they don’t have any regrets, but Chelsea posed the question, “Is love enough?”

In a shocking turn of events, both Thomas and Chelsea agreed that it didn’t make sense to end their relationship yet, and they wanted to leave the island together.

After all the doubt that was swirling in Kristen’s head over her relationship with Julian, she was able to forgive him for his past transgressions and accept his beautiful proposal.

Hard questions were asked at the Reunion

The Temptation Island Season 3 singles
The Temptation Island singles were spoke their truths during The Reunion. Pic credit: USA Network

The reunion had a lot of messy moments, but these moments did get to the bottom of what viewers wanted to know about everyone’s relationship status.

Erica made it clear that she was happy with her choice to leave the island alone and that she has not strayed from her path of self-growth.

Alexcys was visibly upset with Kendal and revealed that she felt like a second option and that she was played. She said they only hung out one time off the island and then she ghosted him.

Everyone ganged up on Kendal and got at him for his behavior on the island and he tried to seem like a sympathetic character by the end of the attack.

Erin revealed that she did have feelings for Shaquille and that’s why she sent him home. She also revealed that it has not been going well with Corey off the island and they have fallen back into old patterns. When asked by host, Mark Walberg, whether they want to continue the relationship, Corey said he did but Erin said she wanted to walk away from it.

Chelsea and Thomas said that it has been a roller coaster off the island but that they are still together. When reflecting on the question of, “Is love enough”, Chelsea answered that it is not, and that their relationship takes a lot of work to make each other happy.

Julian and Kristen revealed that they are very much in love and plan on having their wedding in July of 2022.

The experience on the island was very powerful for the participants who lived it and for the viewers watching it all unfold. Season 3 was full of ups and downs but there was a lot of valuable content that came out of it.

Temptation Island is currently on hiatus.

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