Temptation Island Spoiler: Will Kristen accept Julian’s proposal?

Julian and Kristen from Temptation Island
Julian will be proposing to Kristen during the final bonfire and viewers are wondering if she will say yes. Pic credit: USA Network

During Julian’s last date with Tula they went engagement ring shopping so that he could propose to Kristen during the final bonfire.

Kristen and Julian have been the couple this season on Temptation Island that everyone wants to see leave together happy, but it is still up in the air whether Kristen will accept Julian’s proposal.

They both have done a lot of growing individually so that they could get a clearer perspective on what they want out of their 11-year relationship.

Julian has fears that Kristen has outgrown him and still harbors too much resentment to forgive him for his past incident of cheating.

Kristen does not want to settle for what is easy and struggled with defining whether being alone would be the best option for her.

Viewers are hoping for a positive outcome to Julian’s proposal

Julian and Tula fro Temptation Island
Julian went engagement ring shopping with Tula for his final date. Pic credit: USA Network

On Instagram, both Julian and Kristen have not posted anything other than clips or photos from their time on the island, but they do still follow each other.

Fans can tell that Julian has done a lot of soul searching and has worn his emotions on his sleeve when opening up to the singles. He successfully resisted temptation and set out to prove to Kristen that he is trustworthy.

The trailer for the last episode showed Kristen getting upset with Julian about his past infidelity which has fans on edge.

One major critique that Kristen gave about their relationship was that she is afraid of breaking up with Julian because it would mean their families, who have grown close over the past 11 years, would have to separate. So Kristen was weighing whether the emotional turbulence of the breakup would be worse than just staying together and possibly not resolving their issues.

Either way, fans are cheering her on and rooting for her to say yes to Julian.

IG post from Temptation Island's Kristen
Kristen’s followers are rooting for her and Julian. Pic credit: @kris_ivette/Instagram

Kristen and Julian had different experiences on Temptation Island

Kristen was very cold and closed off to the single men for most of her time on the island only opening up to a select few. One of the singles even called her a b***h early on, and she struggled to enjoy her time with the singles.

Kristen did focus on bonding a lot with the other girls and most of her growth came from her deep conversations with them.

Julian, on the other hand, got to know many of the singles and enjoyed partying with them all. He made sure to set boundaries and keep a safe distance, and really connected on a friendship level with the girls who understood he wanted to be faithful to Kristen.

It all comes down to whether Kristen can forgive Julian and whether she has outgrown him or not.

Temptation Island airs on Tuesdays, at 10/9 on USA.

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