Temptation Island Season 1’s Wynn Arden is battling cancer

Wynn and Kady enjoy a date together on Temptation Island Season 1 before his cancer diagnosis. Pic credit: USA Network

Fellow Temptation Island cast members have publicly shared their prayers and support for Season 1 participant, Wynn Arden, as he battles stage 4 Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

He first mentioned his diagnoses back in June of 2019 and documented his battle with cancer on social media. Last week, on February 19, 2021, Wynn posted a picture of himself shirtless and looking gaunt as he captioned the photo, “F*** cancer. I have no good updates at the moment. Been about 20 days no food and barely holding down water.”

An outpouring of support has surfaced after this most recent photo. His family, friends, fans, and castmates have been showing support during his entire battle, but this most recent update has been a tough one for those close to him.

How Wynn has been coping

Wynn has Hodgkin’s lymphoma, which is cancer that starts in white blood cells, called lymphocytes, which are part of the body’s immune system. It limits the body’s ability to fight infection, but it can be treated with chemotherapy, radiation, and even stem cells in rare cases.

Survival rates have improved in the past few decades, largely due to advances in treatment. The 5-year relative survival rate for all patients diagnosed with Hodgkin lymphoma is now about 87 percent.

 After his initial diagnosis, Wynn underwent three rounds of chemotherapy before announcing that he was in remission. Unfortunately, on July 15, 2020 after three months in remission, he announced that his cancer was back. He said that it “has returned very aggressive and has put me at about stage 4. Taking over my lymph nodes on my upper diaphragm, rib and hip”.

Wynn has remained strong and optimistic throughout his brave fight with cancer and started his own business selling merchandise related to his battle with cancer. The proceeds from his sales are being donated to children with the same disease.

What Temptation Island castmates have been saying

During his time as one of the singles on Temptation Island, Wynn was known for being supportive and fun, as he grew to have the strongest connection with Kady. He went on several one on one dates and became a good friend to Kady and the rest of the crew throughout his time on the island.

Host of TI, mark Walberg, posted a photo of himself in one of Wynn’s fight against cancer sweatshirts. Wynn reposted the picture on his story and said “My guy @markwalberg coming through with the continued support. Can’t wait to reconnect with you brotha (praying hand emoji)”.

Both Kady and Nicole posted Wynn’s most recent pic to their stories with heartfelt messages of prayer.

Temptation Island host and castmate show their support for Wynn. Pic credit: @wynnsarden, @markwalberg/Instagram

The Temptation Island community as well as those close to Wynn have not stopped showing their support for the thirty-three-year-old. Wynn has not stopped spreading awareness about the disease and demonstrated unyielding faith in his posts.

Temptation Island takes couples at a crossroads in their relationships and separates them into different villas where they will be living with and dating other people.

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