Teen Mom star Catelynn Baltierra breaks down as relationship with brother Nick deteriorates

Catelynn on Teen Mom OG.
Catelynn Baltierra’s family situation isn’t great. Pic credit: MTV

Teen Mom: The Next Chapter star Catelynn Baltierra deals with plenty of family drama.

Her dysfunctional relationship with her mom April has played out since she joined 16 & Pregnant, and things don’t seem to improve.

Their relationship is hot and cold, but Catelynn’s relationship with her brother Nick has been more solid.

Not long ago, Catelynn aired some text messages she received on social media from her grandmother and Nick. They weren’t kind, and the situation was getting to the mom of four.

April’s drinking problem has been at the root of the family issues, and it hasn’t seemed to change in all the years the family has been featured within the Teen Mom franchise.

And it seems that Catelynn’s relationship with Nick directly correlates with what happened between her and their mom.

Catelynn Baliterra gets emotional while texting with her brother

Catelynn Baltierra has always been close with her little brother Nick. She has watched him grow up, often shielding him from some of the dysfunction in their home.

He was born around the same time she and Tyler Baltierra gave their first daughter, Carly, up for adoption.

In a sneak peek from the new season of Teen Mom: The Next Chapter, Catelynn is reading a text to Tyler that she sent to her brother Nick.

Things between April and Catelynn took a turn when they filmed the retreat with their mothers, as April drank while they were there with the other stars and their moms. During one episode, there was a conflict between the mother and daughter duo during an exercise. It seems that affected things between Catelynn and Nick.

As she read the text, Catelynn broke down in tears, and Tyler went to comfort her. He knows how much she loves her brother and explains that he is still young without making excuses. He also mentioned the condescending tone that came with Nick’s reply.

Will Catelynn Baltierra walk away from the toxic family relationships?

It’s been clear for quite some time that Catelynn Baltierra’s relationship with April has been a massive trigger for her mental health.

The exercise at the mud pit during the retreat featured how let down and forgotten she felt. It was almost as if Catelynn was lost in the shuffle, and helping to be there for her brother Nick gave her a purpose after all she went through with Carly’s adoption.

As the new season plays out, it will be interesting to see what led to Catelynn and Nick’s current situation and whether they can reconcile before it’s too late.

Teen Mom: The Next Chapter returns Wednesday, July 19, at 8/7c on MTV.

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