Teen Mom OG viewers want Amber Portwood fired after domestic violence allegations

Amber Portwood
Amber Portwood should be fired says Teen Mom OG fans. Pic credit: MTV

Amber Portwood will finally get her chance to share her story after months of waiting.

Yesterday, MTV revealed that Teen Mom OG is returning to the network on March 17, 2020, and released a trailer at the same time.

Portwood briefly appears in the trailer, where she’s walking to the courthouse.

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She’s also heard saying that she doesn’t want to play any games.

Andrew Glennon doesn’t appear in the trailer.

Amber Portwood shares her struggles in the new Teen Mom OG trailer

As the Teen Mom OG trailer was shared yesterday, fans noticed that Amber is filming just as much this season as previous seasons.

MTV hasn’t restricted her time on the show despite her legal troubles.

Fans will get to follow along as Amber tries to put her life together after her arrest this past summer.

She was arrested for attacking Andrew while he was holding their son James. She reportedly attacked him with a shoe and a machete.

As we’ve previously reported, Amber’s story would be told on Teen Mom OG. In the first clip released during the Teen Mom 2 finale episode, the other Teen Mom OG stars reacted to her arrest.

Amber was not present in the clip. Fans had no idea whether she would be filming with the crew until this new trailer was released this week.

Should Amber Portwood really be fired?

It didn’t take long for people to reply to the video on Instagram, sharing their thoughts about Amber filming the show. In fact, some people thought she should be fired.

“I’ve followed teen mom since they were teen moms and I’m disappointed they’re still shooting with Amber. She needs to be fired like Jenelle,” one person replied to the video.

“Agreed. Especially after hearing the recordings,” another chimed in.

When asked to clarify the recordings, the person continued, “I’ll look for it. She was yelling at him. Calling him names. Threatening him and saying he knew she didn’t want a baby and a bunch of really disturbing crazy shizz.”

The follower is referring to recordings that surfaced online of Amber threatening to stab Andrew. Monsters & Critics covered the story when it surfaced back in September 2019.

But the comments do bring up an interesting discussion — if Jenelle was fired for her personal drama, what about Amber?

Interestingly, there were followers who thought the show should just be canceled altogether.

“It’s gonna be over after this season,” another viewer wrote in the reply section of the post, whereas others added similar comments, including this one:

“Teen Mom OG should be cancelled. They are not teen, they are closer to 30th ffs, most drama they create is fake, just to stay relevant and get paycheck. Is time to go.”

MTV has announced no plans to end the Teen Mom franchise.

Teen Mom OG is currently on hiatus.

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