Teen Mom OG: Taylor McKinney tells Larry Edwards, ‘Put the kid first…stop putting that sorry excuse of a human being first!’

Larry Edwards and Taylor McKinney of Teen Mom OG
Larry Edwards and Taylor McKinney faced off in part one of the Teen Mom OG reunion special. Pic credit: MTV

When it came time for Maci’s segment in the Teen Mom OG reunion special, viewers watched as things escalated between her husband, Taylor, and her ex’s father, Larry Edwards.

Maci started her interview off calmly, talking to Nessa and Dr. Drew about Bentley’s therapy sessions and briefly touching on her scary gas station shooting ordeal.

Taylor McKinney came out swinging

When Dr. Drew asked Maci’s husband Taylor McKinney about what stood out to him this season, Taylor talked about how Bentley has become a young man, and said he is showing the Edwards family that he can think for himself and has found his voice.

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Taylor couldn’t hold back when it came to slinging insults Ryan Edwards’s way.

He said, “I think every week when you watch a new episode you think, ‘Ryan can’t possibly be any dumber than he is,’ and he will prove you wrong the next week. I mean, that guy can really show you how big a piece of s**t he is. Umm, but, yeah…”

Maci placed her hand gently on Taylor’s leg and whispered to him, “Calm down.”

Larry Edwards and Taylor McKinney of Teen Mom OG
Things heated up between Larry and Taylor. Pic credit: MTV

Nessa pointed out to Taylor that he’s always been honest about his feelings, especially towards Ryan, and she asked him if he was frustrated.

Taylor grew angry talking about Ryan and said, “Yeah, y’all saw the clip. He sat there and called my wife a b***h. Um, in past seasons, you know the things he’s done towards Bentley sort of poking fun at him, making fun of him, you know, calling him a cry baby. Um, enough’s enough. Grow up and be a man.”

He continued, “You know, come sit out here and don’t be a coward, come sit out here on the couch with us.”

Dr. Drew asked Taylor if he had any plans to reach out to Ryan after the reunion.

Taylor answered, “I would speak to him. He won’t speak to us.”

When Dr. Drew asked what that was all about, Taylor explained, “Uh, in his words, Maci is a trigger for him, and uh, when I heard this year that he doesn’t want to sit out here because he’s working hard to build a relationship with his son, and that’s fine. Um, but my only thing is, don’t sit over there and call her a b***h, um, don’t pick on your son. If you got something to say, sit out here and say it.”

Reportedly, Ryan and his wife Mackenzie Edwards were asked to film across from Maci and Taylor for the reunion, but they refused the offer.

Maci and Taylor don’t believe Ryan is sober

Dr. Drew pointed out that Ryan was suffering from a dangerous, life-threatening substance abuse disorder.

When he asked Taylor if he thought Ryan was sober now, Taylor replied, “No, I don’t.”

Dr. Drew then asked Maci the same question.

She responded, “I don’t think. I don’t know for a fact.”

Taylor added, “Again this is our opinion, but it’s based off when he shows up to something or when you see him sitting there in a scene and he can’t hardly hold his eyes open…that’s not a place that I feel safe to send our son with that guy.”

Larry and Jen Edwards of Teen Mom OG
Larry was set off by a comment about putting Bentley in danger. Pic credit: MTV

Things took a turn when Larry got heated when Maci and Taylor assumed he’d put Bentley in an ‘unsafe situation’

As fans may have seen in previews for the scene, things escalated between Larry and Taylor after Larry got upset about a remark about putting Bentley in danger when he’s visiting with them.

Maci was calmly explaining her side of things, revealing that she wasn’t aware that Jen and Larry felt the way they did. Larry interrupted Maci before she could finish explaining.

Larry told Maci, “Hold on. You said that we put him in an unsafe situation.”

He shook both of his hands as he moved towards the end of the sofa and continued, “Let me tell you something. Never would that ever happen. Ever.”

Taylor took Larry’s actions as threatening and told him, “Don’t you buck up at me,” before sitting forward on his own couch.

Taylor told Larry, “Stop guilt-tripping him into…”

As Larry interrupted, saying, “We don’t guilt trip him, buddy.”

Taylor continued, “Are you gonna let me talk?”

Larry told him, “Yeah, go right ahead.”

Taylor continued, “Ryan’s never been there for him. Ryan has never been there for him. But y’all put it on Bentley. Y’all make Bentley feel guilty.”

Dr. Drew tried to calm things down, and told the group, “Hang on, guys, hang on.”

Taylor and Larry looked as though they may lunge at each other when they both stood up, but Jen and Maci were telling them to stop and tried to hold them back.

Jen repeatedly told Taylor, “You need to stop.”

Taylor continued slinging insults and resorted to name-calling

When Taylor called Larry a “sorry son of a b***h,” Jen was appalled.

She said, “Excuse me?! Taylor, you need to step back!”

Dr. Drew had to intervene and told the group, “You’re not putting the kid first. This is not putting Bentley ahead of you guys’ feelings.”

Taylor told Dr. Drew, “I have to sit here and watch their piece of crap son call my wife an evil b***h…”

Things got heated and it was hard to hear over everyone screaming and yelling at each other.

Taylor called Ryan a ‘sorry excuse of a human being’

Taylor stood up and yelled, “Put the kid first! Stop putting that sorry excuse of a human being first!” before cameras cut with a message that read, “To be continued…”

Some fans were shocked when news broke that Larry and Jen, along with Ryan and his wife Mackenzie, were fired from the show shortly after taping for the reunion.

Things between Maci and Taylor and Ryan and his family have intensified this season, and unfortunately, Bentley is caught in the middle of all of the drama.

Fans can catch part two of the highly anticipated reunion special next Tuesday, April 27 at 8/7c on MTV.

Teen Mom OG is currently on hiatus.

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