Teen Mom OG star Farrah Abraham has put Sophia in therapy after dog abuse claims

Farrah Abraham
Farrah Abraham reveals her daughter is in therapy. Pic credit: MTV

Former Teen Mom OG star Farrah Abraham is speaking out about her recent drama.

Farrah revealed that her recent Instagram video caused so much drama for herself and her daughter that Sophia struggled afterward.

That’s an interesting take since Farrah didn’t seem to care too much about the comments she was receiving on the video.

The former reality star isn’t happy about the new development, citing hateful comments pushed Sophia over the edge.

Farrah Abraham admits Sophia is in therapy

Farrah has taken measures to ensure her daughter is happy despite hateful comments online.

And she opened up to TMZ about those measures.

Sophia has been put in therapy to deal with the online hate she and her mother receive. Farrah revealed that she has gotten hate speech from the original story about her pink dog, Cupcake.

The video, which she shared on Instagram, has over 300 comments and many of them are not nice. She shared the video on @booandcupcake, which is an Instagram account for their dogs.

In the Instagram account’s bio, it does say that it is managed by an adult. While Sophia could have seen the comments herself, it’s also possible that Farrah told her about them. Either way, Sophia isn’t dealing well with the feedback.

Some of the comments include “Animal abuse is a disgusting thing. I hope someone tapes your mouth shut for talking too much,” and “Why are people supporting her. Clearly this is animal abuse. Everyone should stop following her everywhere. We do not need to keep helping her make money. She does not deserve it.”

Farrah Abraham’s drama this week started over Instagram video

Farrah’s drama all started earlier this week after she shared a video of her two dogs on Instagram. One of the dogs had its mouth tied shut with what appears to be a ribbon.


Farrah later updated the caption of the video, telling people that they should educate themselves on dog muzzles and why they are good for training dogs.

This is just a new controversial case for Farrah. She recently went to Mexico with her boyfriend, Daniel Ishag. At the time, fans were convinced that Sophia was making and sharing videos from their California apartment, while Farrah was clearly in Mexico.

It didn’t take long for people to guess that Farrah had abandoned her daughter at home, causing some people to contact CPS to investigate further. It was later revealed that Farrah’s father, Michael, was with Sophia and she had not been left at home.

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