Teen Mom OG: Cory Wharton shares adorable video of Ryder, see what she was pretending to do

Cory and Ryder Wharton
Cory and Ryder Wharton. Pic credit: MTV

Cheyenne Floyd’s ex, Cory Wharton, shared an adorable video of daughter Ryder earlier this week.

In his Instagram stories, Cory and Cheyenne’s daughter was seated at a pedicure station waiting to have her nails done. Ryder had a toy cell phone that she was pretending to talk on as the precious toddler held it up to her ear.

Dad Cory captioned the story, “Ryder really acted like she was talking to someone.” Ryder was wearing a pink mask, light pink sweats, and was carrying a plush elephant bag over her shoulders.

Cory didn’t know he was Ryder’s father until she was six months old

Ryder was born in April 2017 to mom Cheyenne Floyd. At the time of her birth, Cheyenne wasn’t sure who the father was, and wouldn’t discover it was Cory until six months later when DNA test results were complete.

Cheyenne explained in a detailed YouTube video about how she became pregnant with Ryder and the tough emotions she had to face. Cheyenne first met Cory on MTV’s The Challenge: Rivals III in 2016.

Rumors circled that the two were an item, but neither of them acknowledged the gossip. While pregnant with Ryder, Cheyenne dated previous boyfriend and longtime family friend, Zach Davis.

Cory and Ryder Wharton of Teen Mom on Instagram
Ryder went with dad Cory to get a pedicure. Pic credit: @corywharton_ig/Instagram

Cheyenne’s current boyfriend Zach wasn’t always comfortable with having Cory in her life

Zach had formed a special bond with Ryder, although initially, he had trouble accepting that Cory would be a permanent part of Cheyenne’s life. Cheyenne and Zach have since reconciled and are thrilled to be expecting their first child together, a boy named Ace, who is due in June.

Chey and Cory tried to make their relationship work, and the topic was featured on MTV during a reunion special. Cory had trouble committing and Cheyenne felt as though she was being taken advantage of by him.

The attempt at being a couple for the sake of Ryder was forced and eventually fizzled. But, the two have found a way to co-parent well and most importantly, let Ryder know that she is loved and cared for.

Cory has since moved on with girlfriend, Taylor Selfridge, and the two welcomed a daughter, Mila Mae, in April 2020, making Ryder a big sister for the first time.

Ryder was born with VCLAD, a rare genetic condition

Ryder was born with a rare genetic disorder called VCLAD, a condition in which the body is unable to properly breakdown certain fats which can be deadly. Symptoms can include low blood sugar (hypoglycemia), lack of energy, and muscle weakness.

Cheyenne founded a non-profit organization called Rage Regardless Ry which raises awareness about the disease. The foundation’s page lists Cheyenne as CEO and Cory Wharton as President.

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