Teen Mom OG: Cheyenne Floyd shares details of her birth experience with son Ace

Cheyenne Floyd of Teen Mom OG
Six weeks after the birth of her son Ace, Cheyenne Floyd shared details of her birth story. Pic credit: MTV

Teen Mom OG star Cheyenne Floyd shared details of her birth experience with her second child, son Ace, six weeks after giving birth.

Cheyenne spoke out on her podcast, Think Loud Crew, about her labor and delivery journey with baby Ace.

Cheyenne and her fiance, Zach Davis, welcomed their son Ace into the world on May 27. Cheyenne also shares her daughter, Ryder, with ex, Cory Wharton.

Cheyenne’s labor lasted three days and was the ‘worst possible pain ever’

Along with her co-host and sister, R Kyle Lynn, Cheyenne opened up about the painful labor that she endured, lasting three days before Ace finally made his grand entrance.

“I pre-labored for about three days and it was the worst possible pain ever,” Cheyenne told her listeners.

Cheyenne also revealed that the doctor’s plan was for her to deliver before hitting 39 weeks gestation due to possible complications from her high blood pressure, Ace being a large baby, and Ace’s vital signs.

Cheyenne was induced, which caused her a lot of uneasiness, and told her cohosts, “When I tell you I was beyond ready to go to the hospital… but my contractions never got close enough and they weren’t consistent enough.”

Cheyenne experienced painful contractions for days and was unable to sleep or find any relief

“So it was like days on days of pain. I could not get out of the bed, walking was just like, a s**t show — just pain. I wasn’t sleeping. I was just so, so miserable and so uncomfortable,” Cheyenne said of her days-long labor.

When Cheyenne’s doctor recommended sex to help get labor progressing, she wasn’t on board with the idea, although Zach was.

“The last thing in me was like, ‘Let’s have sex.’ Like, I’m as big as a whale and I’m in pain, like, my body just hurts. You don’t wanna have sex,” Cheyenne revealed.

Cheyenne faced a last-minute change in the delivery room

Cheyenne was apprehensive about a last-minute change of plans in the delivery room. Originally, Cheyenne had planned on having only her mom, Margaret, in the room alongside Zach for delivery.

Once at the hospital, Cheyenne and Zach found out they were allowed one more person in the delivery room. The couple decided to let Zach’s dad, Terry, in the room, and Cheyenne explained, “Zach needed his dad to be there for him.” She also noted that Terry promised to “look away” during her actual labor.

Although she had an epidural, it didn’t work initially, so she still felt some pain. “It didn’t work this time,” Cheyenne told listeners but said that it did “take a layer of pain away. It didn’t take it all away.”

Cheyenne was offered another epidural, and shortly after, it was time for the Teen Mom OG star to start pushing.

Because of limitations on visitors in the room, Cheyenne and Zach created a link to allow a select few of their family members to watch the delivery virtually, including Cheyenne’s sister, R Kyle Lynn, Cheyenne’s dad and stepmom, and Zach’s mom.

Cheyenne had a quick delivery after days of laboring

“It took me two contractions to get Ace out. He was out in about, like, four minutes. If that,” Cheyenne revealed of her super fast delivery.

During delivery, Cheyenne was able to pull Ace’s head out herself, and when her doctor gave her the go-ahead, she said, “I’m like, ‘OK!’ So I reached down and I pulled him out.”

Cheyenne had a ‘beautiful’ birth experience overall

“Overall, beautiful, beautiful experience,” Cheyenne told her listeners, “Something that I’m happy I got to experience because I love Ryder, y’all, but getting Ryder into the world was a tough one. It was so hard.”

Cheyenne concluded, “So it’s definitely [was] like a night and day experience with the babies, but it was great. It was weird. It was weird that it went so well. But that s**t still hurt.”

Now that baby Ace is here, Cheyenne is “embracing” her “new body” and showed off her postpartum figure on Instagram.

Cheyenne and Zach shared the first public pics of Ace last month, and as most fans expected, he’s the cutest, and was worth all of the pain Cheyenne endured.

Teen Mom OG is currently on hiatus.

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