Teen Mom OG: Andrew Glennon says Amber Portwood threatened to slit his throat in his sleep

Andrew Glennon and Teen Mom OG star Amber Portwood
Andrew Glennon accused Amber Portwood of threatening to slit his throat. Pic credit: ©

Teen Mom OG star Amber Portwood has been accused by her ex and baby daddy Andrew Glennon of threatening to slit his throat while he was sleeping.

Although Amber has been putting in the work to better herself, her ex Andrew Glennon isn’t making things easy for her.

The exes have found themselves embroiled in a bitter custody battle over their three-year-old son James after Amber’s arrest in 2019. It came after she allegedly attacked Andrew with a shoe and tried to break down a door with a machete while he hid with James.

Amber fulfilled her legal obligations stemming from her plea deal when her probation was recently overturned after she served her three-year term.

Andrew Glennon says Amber Portwood threatened to slit his throat while he slept

Now, however, new information has come to light amid Amber and Andrew’s custody battle. According to audio from their custody hearing obtained by The Sun, Andrew claimed that Amber threatened to slit his throat in April 2019.

Andrew told a judge that he recorded audio of the incident, saying: “The audio ends with her saying I’m going to f**king stab you. She said she will slit my throat in my sleep.”

During a cross-examination by Amber’s attorney, Andrew was asked whether Amber told him to get away from her. He replied, “I don’t know.”

“Isn’t it true in those recordings, that Amber was not aware she was being recorded?” Andrew was asked, to which he replied, “No.”

Amber’s legal team requested the audio not be played during the hearing; however, the judge decided the audio would be “admitted over the objection of the mother” and said she would “listen to the recording after the conclusion of these proceedings.”

“I’ll go ahead and just show that I will be listening to them outside of the record,” the judge said, noting that Andrew’s legal team would be permitted to ask questions and Amber’s legal team would be able to cross-examine him.

Andrew wants to move James to California

One of Andrew’s main requests amid the pair’s custody battle is for him to be able to uproot James from his home in Indiana to Malibu, California.

Andrew has also been accused of trying to take advantage of Amber financially after requesting nearly $150K in child support and lawyer fees.

Despite Andrew’s negative testimony about Amber, she has found support from a seemingly unlikely source: her ex and other baby daddy, Gary Shirley. Gary painted Amber in a more positive light, highlighting work he says that she has put in recently on her mental health and addictions.

“Amber is a different person now than she was with me, and she is a different person than she was even a year and a half ago,” Gary told a judge during a custody hearing. “I do notice more positive things. Actually, I am very proud of her.”

Teen Mom OG is currently on hiatus.

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