Teen Mom: Mackenzie McKee announces tell-all memoir, teases ‘never-before-shared secret’

Mackenzie talking to her new boss on the last episode of Teen Mom OG.
Mackenzie talking to her new boss on the last episode of Teen Mom OG. Pic credit: MTV

Teen Mom OG star Mackenzie McKee revealed the release of her memoir, Straightening My Crown: Conquering My Royal Mistakes, which she teased has never-been-told stories.

Mackenzie’s book delves deep into her personal life

On Monday, McKee took to her Instagram (@mackenziemckee) to broadcast the news.

Her caption read: “I can’t wait to share my life story with everyone, there are so many details and stories that you never got to see on the show.”

Mackenzie, a mother of three, is credited as the main author with help from writer Julie Markusssen.

The book cover depicts Mackenzie emerging from the ocean while adjusting a crown atop her head. This is meant to symbolize how although she has struggled to keep her head above water, McKee has grown and she is able to own up to her mistakes.

The book’s official despcription reads: “A raw, courageous account of a young woman determined to turn her turmoil into triumph.”

McKee has certainly been through a lot since audiences first met her on 16 & Pregnant. Mackenzie’s mother died after a long battle with stage 4 brain cancer, and she has been honest that the grieving process has been tough for her. McKee also had to delay her move to Florida because her father needed to receive quadruple bypass surgery.

And Mackenzie herself has had health issues concerning her hormones, which caused her to lose a significant amount of weight.

“But through it all, Mackenzie never falters in her deep love of family and God,” the description continues. “Mackenzie proves there is more to her than what the glaring spotlight of fame has shown.”

In February, McKee had to deal with social media hate when fans suspected she reunited with ex Josh McKee. At the time, she expressed how that the Internet has been viciously judgemental of her parenting and her family.

Mackenzie crying over the end of her and Josh's marriage
Mackenzie crying over the end of her and Josh’s marriage. Pic credit: MTV

This memoir will be McKee’s chance to pull back the curtain and show audiences the real story.

McKee teases a long-held secret

The part that has Teen Mom fans most intrigued is that the book’s brief confirmed: “[Mackenzie] confronts a never-before-shared secret that upends her young life, and explores her struggle to gain acceptance in a family where she felt she was the only one who was less-than-perfect.”

Although fans are unsure about what exactly the secret will be, the reaction to McKee’s book announcement was overwhelmingly positive.

One of her followers commented:

Pic credit: Instagram / @laurenrachaelphotography

Straightening My Crown is currently available for pre-order on Amazon and other websites where books are sold.

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