Teen Mom 2 fans bash Lauren Comeau and Javi Marroquin after seeing them leaving a church service together

Javi Marroquin during an episode of Teen Mom 2
Javi Marroquin defends co-parenting after fans bash Lauren Comeau after seeing a photo of the two of them leaving church together Pic credit: MTV

Since confirming her split from Javi Marroquin on Instagram live last month, Lauren Comeau has stayed quiet about where she and Javi stand and how they’ve been co-parenting together.

Lauren’s comments on her live alluded to the fact that she thought Javi and Kailyn Lowry had something going on and were continuing to keep it a secret.

Fans thought Javi and Kail were back together after they saw they were at the same car dealership last month. Javi ended up purchasing Kail’s SUV and she bought a new vehicle.

Speculation grew stronger after Kail snapped a photo that included a picture of her new radio with an icon that said “Javi’s iPhone”.

Fans still believed something was going on between the two of them but both Javi and Kail have continued to deny that they are doing anything more than co-parenting.

Fans were proud of Lauren for finally ending things with Javi after she had taken him back in the past after he cheated on her with another woman in their home.

However, that all changed when a photo from United Church in Delaware caused fans to bash Lauren as she and Javi appeared to be leaving the service together.

Javi trades in his old car for Kail's black Suburban
Javi trades in his old car for Kail’s black Suburban Pic credit@javim9/Instagram

Fans bash Lauren for reconnecting with Javi

The church posted photos of their pastor and several church guests coming and going from the service in the midst of a snowstorm. The church’s Instagram page noted that the focus of the day’s service was on marriage.

One of the pictures showed Lauren and Javi alongside their son Eli and Javi’s son Lincoln who he shares with Kail.

After a Teen Mom fan page shared the photo, fans immediately started bashing Lauren and assumed she had taken Javi back again.

Many were upset and said they no longer felt bad for Lauren. One fan couldn’t understand why Lauren would be posing in a picture with Javi after she was crying about how hurt she was on her Instagram live.

A fan is confused because Lauren was crying on her Instagram live recently about how hurt she was
A fan is confused because Lauren was crying on her Instagram live recently about how hurt she was Pic credit:@gabriellelpatt_/Instagram

Another fan felt Lauren deserved a lot better and was hopeful that they only attended church together in an attempt to co-parent successfully for Eli.

A fan thinks Lauren deserves better and hopes they are just trying to get along for their son Eli
A fan thinks Lauren deserves better and hopes they are just trying to get along for their son Eli Pic credit: @itsashley917/Instagram

Javi claps back in defense of their co-parenting decisions

After another Instagram page posted about Javi and Lauren attending church together, Javi decided to jump in and clarify the situation.

He stated that he and Lauren have always gone to church and that just because they are no longer dating, that doesn’t change the fact that they go to the services at the same time.

He advocated that it was okay to co-parent and be cordial without what he referred to as “internet trolls” making more of the situation. He described the church as a safe space for them and asked everyone to stop criticizing people who are actually co-parenting in a positive way.

Javi claps back and defends his and Lauren's co-parenting decisions
Javi claps back and defends his and Lauren’s co-parenting decisions Pic credit:@javim9@wadamelen/Instagram

While Javi claimed that he and Lauren were simply co-parenting together, several fans continue to question whether Lauren has decided to once again take Javi back.

Lauren has yet to comment on the situation.

Teen Mom 2 is currently on hiatus.

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