Teen Mom: Family Reunion star Farrah Abraham claims she has a law degree

Teen Mom: Family Reunion star Farrah Abraham
Farrah Abraham seemingly claimed that she has a law degree. Pic credit: MTV

Some eagle-eyed Teen Mom OG fans noticed that Farrah Abraham is seemingly trying to pass off that she possesses a law degree and called her out.

Farrah is no stranger to controversy and often makes claims that have fans and critics alike scratching their heads.

Teen Mom: Family Reunion star Farrah Abraham claims she earned a Juris Doctor law degree

Recently, some Teen Mom OG viewers shared a post on Reddit after noticing that Farrah is advertising that she earned a J.D., or Juris Doctor degree.

According to US News & World Report, a Juris Doctor degree “is the foundational law degree that an American attorney obtains before taking the bar exam and being sworn in as an attorney. Its purpose is to broadly prepare an attorney to practice law.”

In a Reddit post titled “Farrahs a lawyer y’all!! ???,” one Teen Mom OG fan shared a screenshot of Farrah’s Twitter bio.

In her bio, after mentioning that she is a “social impact activist” and “New York Times author,” Farrah also included “J.D.” with a female graduation cap emoji.

Of course, Teen Mom OG fans had plenty to say about Farrah claiming to have a Juris Doctor degree and took to the comments on the Reddit post to share their opinions.

Teen Mom OG fans bash Farrah Abraham for claiming law degree

“She and Jenelle both think you can be a part of any profession just by saying it out loud,” commented one Teen Mom OG fan who compared Farrah to Jenelle Evans of Teen Mom 2.

Another commenter agreed and wrote, “Self proclaimed like all her other ‘accomplishments’.”

redditors commented on farrah abraham's j.d. claims
Pic credit: u/maya11780/Reddit and u/lrenn6952/Reddit

One Redditor mentioned the time when Farrah claimed that other cast members from the Teen Mom franchise were reaching out to her for legal representation.

“Remember when she said other cast mates have reached out to her asking for legal representation from her ????” the Redditor rhetorically asked.

“A lot of my friends keep asking, like Teen Mom cast members keep asking if I would represent them,” Farrah told TMZ in September.

redditors sounded off regarding farrah's alleged j.d. degree
Pic credit: u/Dflemz/Reddit

Shortly before claiming that other Teen Mom cast members have reached out to her for legal counsel, Farrah set fire to a Harvard sweatshirt, claiming they “bullied” her and “frauded” her out of money.

Next up for Farrah is her highly anticipated appearance on Teen Mom: Family Reunion where she’ll be joined by the casts from all three Teen Mom franchise shows.

Farrah promised viewers that this spinoff is going to bring the drama and Teen Mom fans can’t wait.

Teen Mom: Family Reunion premieres on Tuesday, Jan. 11 at 8/7c on MTV followed by Teen Mom: Girls’ Night In.

All episodes of Teen Mom are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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