Teen Mom 2’s Roxanne DeJesus didn’t use N-word on camera, unedited footage clears Briana’s mom

Roxanne on Teen Mom 2.
Roxanne DeJesusn did not use the N-word on Teen Mom 2. Pic credit: MTV

Roxanne DeJesus can claim victory after MTV released the unedited Teen Mom 2 footage where viewers accused Briana’s mom of using a racial slur to describe Nova’s father, Devoin Austin.

Over two weeks after the Teen Mom 2 season finale aired, the network released the unedited footage after viewers were calling for Roxanne to be fired from the show.

The incident stemmed from when Devoin released Briana DeJesus’ number on Instagram while slamming her for her comments to him about their daughter. That triggered a massive text and call surge to her phone while she was filming the show.

What did Roxanne DeJesus actually say about Devoin Austin?

Initially, when the scene aired on the Teen Mom 2 season finale, viewers thought she called Devoin Austin the N-word.

It started a firestorm, especially when the scene was captured and put onto Instagram. Viewers immediately called for Roxanne DeJesus to be fired, but Briana stood up for her mom, insisting she would never use the N-word or a racial slur to describe Devoin.


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As it turns out, she was right. MTV released the unedited footage to People. It was clear that what viewers thought was the N-word was actually the network bleeping out the work d**k. Roxanne called Devoin a d**k for what he did to her daughter.

She said, “Next they’ll be knocking on our f*k*ing door because this d**k gave out your information.”

What’s next for Roxanne DeJesus?

The scandal caused stress for her and Briana. Teen Mom 2 viewers were ruthless in their attacks despite both mom and daughter being absolutely clear about the fact that Roxanne DeJesus did not use the N-word.

She told the publication, “I didn’t say it, clearly it’s there. It doesn’t work out for anybody when you assume. I love Devoin and will always have his back. I will always want the best for him. And it just breaks my heart to think that this happened.”

And while she may have been harsh about what he did to Briana, she has definitely had his back in the past. In fact, she has been instrumental in helping Nova connect and build a relationship with him despite Briana’s reservations.

Now, the speculation can end, and the revelation of what Roxanne DeJesus actually said is out there. She was upset in the moment, but she never used the N-word to describe her granddaughter’s father.

Teen Mom 2 is currently on hiatus.

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