Teen Mom 2’s Kailyn Lowry rants baby daddy Javi Marroquin is frustrating to co-parent with

Kailyn with two of her four children at the dinner table.
Kailyn Lowry with her children at the dinner table. Pic credit: MTV

Teen Mom 2 star Kailyn Lowry expressed her frustrations with her ex-husband, Javi Marroquin on a recent episode of her podcast.

Kailyn voices her complaints on her podcast

Kailyn cohosts the Baby Mamas No Drama podcast with Vee Rivera. Lowry also co-parents with Vee because they both have children with Jo Rivera.

The pair invited celebrity aura reader Mystic Michaela on a recent episode.

Michaela explained that aura reading is a psychic ability where she can physically see people’s “aura,” which manifests as a certain color. This color, or mix of colors, then correlates to personality traits, emotions, and other things.

Michaela analyzed the auras of important figures in their lives.

Although Kailyn has a good relationship with Jo Rivera, she has had a long and tumultuous relationship with her ex-husband and other baby daddy, Javi Marroquin.

Kailyn and Javi fighting during season 2 of Teen Mom 2.
Kailyn and Javi fighting during season 2 of Teen Mom 2. Pic credit: MTV

The ladies sent Michaela a photo of Javi, and she articulated what she sensed from him.

“He’s like a man child. He’s not a bad guy at all,… but it’s hard for him to be mature and serious” Michaela began. “He’s been using charm a lot in life to get by and charm don’t pay the bills.”

Lowry completely agreed.

“Javi is a great dad, I’ve never had anything negative to say about him in that way. But the hard thing for me with him is that he goes with whatever hat he’s wearing that day,” Kailyn explained.

Vee added, “So if he is with someone who don’t like Kail, he don’t like Kail.”

The ladies may be referring to Javi’s ex-girlfriend, Lauren Comeau, with who Teen Mom 2 fans suspect he may have reconciled with.

“If he likes someone who doesn’t like the color green, he doesn’t like the color green. It’s whatever he’s around,” Lowry elaborated.

“It’s very frusturating to deal with him in that way because… when outside factors are not into play, we are best friends,” said Kailyn. “You can make a relationship work without necessarily agreeing with every single things that your partner is saying or doing.”

But, Kailyn believes that Javi is unable to do that, and their conflicts cause issues in their co-parenting situation.

“He can’t keep his word. Because he gives you his word in a moment where he’s on good terms with you, and then the next he’s not on good terms with you,” she ranted.

Lowry discusses why relationship with Javi failed

Javi and Kailyn admitting that they hooked up when they were supposed to be separated.
Javi and Kailyn admitting that they hooked up when they were supposed to be separated. Pic credit: MTV

Michaela noted that she got the feeling that Javi needed a partner who would worship the ground he walked on and always think that “he could do no wrong.” Kailyn directly connected this to why their love never worked.

But, Lowry confessed that she forgets all about this when she is with him. “When he’s next to you, you forget because he’s so charming, and he’s cool, and he’s like playful.”

Audiences have been watching Kailyn and Javi’s journey on Teen Mom 2. After Lauren and Javi broke up recently, there were even rumors that Kailyn and Javi tried to reconcile.

“I feel like he just had a hard time being loved the way you were gonna love him,” Michaela sensed.

Lowry confided that it was exactly these differences in love languages that kept them from being together. “I hope whatever relationship he moves forward in, they understand each other better.”

The ladies then ended the segment by talking about the kind of relationship Lowry would like to have with Javi’s future girlfriends.

“I want to be at least friendly with her. I want to establish boundaries and goals as coparents right off the bat,” she asserted.

Teen Mom 2 is currently on hiatus.

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