Teen Mom 2: What does Jo Rivera do for a living? Kail Lowry’s baby daddy owns 9 homes

Jo Rivera of Teen Mom 2
Kail Lowry’s baby daddy Jo Rivera has made quite a career for himself in real estate. Pic credit: MTV

Kail Lowry’s ex and baby daddy, Jo Rivera, has proven he’s got what it takes in the real estate business and has created a lucrative empire for himself and his family in the profession.

With an empire worth nearly $800,000, Jo owns nine homes in the state of Delaware. Verified exclusively by The Sun, Rivera’s assets are worth $796,900, and photos of his properties can be seen here.

Jo lives in Dover, Delaware with his wife, Vee Torres, their daughter Vivi, and Jo’s son, Isaac, whom he shares with ex Kail Lowry

Property records obtained by The Sun show that Jo and Vee’s current home has four bedrooms and three bathrooms.

The couple purchased their 2,480 square-foot home in 2015 for $186,000.

Their roomy home boasts a walk-in closet in the master bedroom, a jetted tub in the bathroom, and a brick fireplace in the living room.

Outside, the Riveras’ home has an in-ground pool with a deck and is within driving distance to Delaware’s beaches, about an hour away.

Just two years after purchasing their home, Jo purchased a four-bedroom, three-bathroom property in May 2017 for $65,000, which he rents out for $1,350 per month.

The same year, in June 2017, the real estate mogul found another home to purchase, a three-bedroom two-bathroom residence, for which he paid $100,000 and rents for $1,300 monthly.

In August of the same year, the MTV personality found himself purchasing yet another home, this time a three-bedroom three-bathroom property for $127,900 which he rents out for $1,400 per month.

Jo dropped $53,000 on a four-bedroom two-bathroom home in May 2019, which hasn’t yet been rented out nor listed for sale.

Using his company name, Rivera Property Group, LLC, which he launched in 2017, Jo purchased another three-bedroom two-bathroom home for $69,000 which has been rented out for $1,350 since 2019.

In June 2019, Jo shelled out $65,000 for a three-bedroom one-bathroom home that has yet to be listed for sale or rent. A month later, he found a three-bedroom two-bathroom home that he was willing to purchase for $37,000.

In August 2020, the father of two found another home with three bedrooms and two bathrooms that he purchased for $94,000, which also has yet to be listed for sale or rent.

Vee obtained a real estate license in order to work alongside her husband, Jo, which works to their advantage

Jo discussed the reason he doesn’t have his realtor’s license on an episode of Baby Mamas No Drama, a podcast hosted by his wife, Vee and ex, Kail Lowry.

“I am not a real estate agent. I actually cannot do some of the things I do if I did have a real estate license in the state of Delaware. There are some regulations that don’t allow you to sign contracts, purchase properties in certain types of ways,” Jo explained on the episode of the podcast.

“We had Vee get a real estate license so we can act as two separate parts and work together. Keep some money in house!” Jo added.

“I was looking at 30, 40, 50 houses a month, making 10 offers a week, it was insane. I did that for two to three months. We ended up getting three offers accepted in one shot,” Jo explained of his start in the real estate business.

“I had set a goal of having bought 55 units in the next three years, which I have almost accomplished at this point.” 

Though Kail said none of her exes wanted to be filmed this season, Jo has already appeared on one episode

Jo made headlines recently when he and Kail had a disagreement over their son, Isaac, having his own cell phone. The ex-couple discussed the issue after Jo joined his wife, Vee for an episode of Baby Mamas No Drama.

Although Jo has already been seen on an episode of Teen Mom 2 this season, Kail announced earlier this month that none of her exes want to film for the show any longer.

Teen Mom 2 airs on Tuesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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