Teen Mom 2: Viewers chime in on Jade Cline and Sean Austin’s latest breakup

Teen Mom 2 viewers have alot to say about breakup between Jade Cline and Sean Austin
Viewers chime in on Jade Cline and Sean Austin’s breakup. Pic credit: MTV

The finale of Teen Mom 2 spelled the end of Jade Cline’s relationship with on/off boyfriend Sean Austin and viewers were not entirely shocked. However, they are divided on who is more at fault for the couple’s toxic relationship. No one really defended Sean but many TV viewers blamed Jade for constantly taking him back.

The couple’s relationship has been tumultuous since we first met them and with each season they seem to make up only to break up once again. But this time could things be over for good? That remains to be seen.

Viewers chime in on Sean and Jade’s breakup

Last night, things came to a head between the Teen Mom 2 couple. Jade revealed that after another argument with Sean, she kicked him out and later found out that he was looking for dates on Tinder.

When Sean told his side of the story he confessed that he and Jade haven’t been intimate in six months and that they were more roommates than anything else.

However, after the breakup, Twitter users had quite a bit to say about the couple’s rocky relationship.

Teen Mom viewers noted that they were tired of Jade and Sean doing the same thing each season and some people blamed Jade for her part in the constant breakups and makeups.

Teen Mom 2 fan frustrated with Jade Cline
Pic credit:@tony_m629?Twitter

“it’s just toxic and you’re going back to the same cycle” reasoned another commenter.

Twitter user blames Jade Cline for breakup cycle with Sean
Pic credit: @Idalisss_/Twitter

However, one Teen Mom viewer applauded Jade for ending the relationship and wrote, “I’m so proud of you girl.”

Teen Mom 2 viewer applauds Jade Cline after breakup
Pic credit: @realitytvbug101/Twitter

Why did Sean and Jade break up this time?

The Teen Mom 2 couple have been at each other’s throats all season long. Jade works full time while Sean was a stay-at-home dad taking care of their daughter Kloie, but they’ve both been unhappy with the setup and butting heads a lot.

When Jade spoke about their breakup she said Sean was feeling emasculated about staying home and taking care of their child, but that comment did not sit well with one Twitter user.

“It’s demasculating [sic] to take care of your kid?” she questioned.

Teen Mom 2 fan blasts Sean Austin
Pic credit: @lexxiscrazy/Twitter

Another TV viewer slammed Sean for constantly complaining about having to take care of Kloie while Jade worked full-time.

Jade also told one of the MTV producers that Sean was stagnant and she felt he wasn’t growing with her as she tried to upgrade her life.

One Teen Mom 2 viewer agreed with Jade’s sentiment writing, “he don’t have nothin [sic] to his name.”

Twitter user sides with Jade Cline
Pic credit: @WritefullyBritt/Twitter

Do you think this is really the end for Jade and Sean or will the couple find their way back together?

Teen Mom 2 airs on Tuesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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