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Teen Mom 2 rumor: Did Briana DeJesus and fiance Javi Gonzalez break up?

Briana DeJesus Teen Mom 2
Fans wonder if Briana and Javi have broken up after she stopped following him on Instagram Pic credit: MTV

Briana DeJesus recently announced her engagement to her boyfriend Javi Gonzalez but Teen Mom 2 fans are speculating that the couple may have already called it quits on their relationship.

Briana met Javi while he tattooed her in his shop in Florida. The two started off their relationship by keeping things private and behind the scenes for several months.

Javi made his first appearance on Teen Mom 2 during the May 25 episode. Briana explained that she was hesitant to have him film as they were still getting to know each other, but he ultimately showed up on camera as she visited his tattoo parlor.

She and Javi had been dating for six months at the time he first appeared on the show.

When she announced her engagement to Javi, several fans spoke out and criticized her for moving too quickly. Many of her followers questioned if the relationship would last.

Now, it appears that Briana is no longer following Javi on social media, which has led to speculation that they may have already broken up.

Fans speculate that Briana and Javi have already broken up

A Teen Mom gossip page recently pointed out in a post that Briana was no longer following Javi on Instagram.

The post led several fans to question whether their relationship and engagement had ended.

One follower noted that Javi didn’t give off the best vibe when he appeared on Teen Mom 2. They felt that his demeanor was off.

A fan didn't get a good vibe from Javi
A fan didn’t get a good vibe from Javi Pic credit: @deargenileigh/Instagram

Others chimed in and noticed that Briana didn’t have engagement photos on her page any longer and that she tends to move quickly between relationships.

Fans think Briana and Javi have split
Fans think Briana and Javi have split Pic credit: @jcutt13 @mizzbossi/Instagram

One fan joked that if she and Javi had broken up, it would explain why she’s had so much time to “mind other people’s business.” The comment made reference to Briana’s recent drama with costars Kail Lowry and Ashley Jones.

Fans wonder if Briana and Javi have split
Fans wonder if Briana and Javi have split Pic credit: @_cryssy_knows_best_/Instagram

Briana’s recent beef with Kail Lowry and Ashley Jones

While the current status of her relationship with Javi remains unknown at this time, Briana has been in the spotlight recently due to some drama she started with castmates Kail Lowry and Ashley Jones.

Kail did not appear in the most recent episode of Teen Mom 2, and Briana insinuated that it had something to do with her and her storyline.

Briana also called Kail out for not airing all aspects of her life, including the legal drama she recently had with her baby daddy Chris Lopez.

The girls went back and forth on social media several times and continue to be at odds with one another.

Briana claims to be an open book and real when it comes to sharing her story, so it’s likely that if her and Javi have split up, she will share that information with fans soon enough.

Teen Mom 2 airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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