Teen Mom 2: Kail Lowry’s boys take over her Instagram Q&A and it’s the cutest

Kail Lowry of Teen Mom 2
Kail Lowry’s boys answered fan questions and gave adorably funny answers. Pic credit: MTV

Over the weekend, Teen Mom 2 star Kail Lowry shared a fun Q&A session, requested by her three eldest boys, and their answers were adorable.

Kail told her followers in an Instagram story that her sons requested to answer some fan questions before they went to bed, and she delivered.

The first fan question was directed at Kail’s eldest son, Isaac. The fan asked, “How’s the Piano lessons going for [Isaac]”

Isaac looked happy to answer and proud of himself when he answered, “They’re going really good and I’m having a really good time with them and I’m learning pretty fast.”

Kail let her third son, Lux, take the next question, which read, “Favorite ice cream?”

Lux hesitated while thinking before he answered, “Um, brown,” while Kail quickly corrected him, saying, “Chocolate?” as Lux repeated her.

Isaac, Lincoln and Lux had fun answering questions before bed

Kail’s second eldest son, Lincoln, took the next question, “What are they most excited for this summer?”

Lincoln hesitated for his answer, too, but mom Kail helped out by telling him to show his teeth to the camera, and included the text, “Front tooth ?” When Lincoln opened his mouth for the cameras, he revealed a missing front tooth.

The next question was aimed at all three boys, and a fan asked, “Who is the messiest?”

Lux answered immediately, pointing at himself, and saying, “Me.”

Isaac and Lincoln began pointing at Lux before Kail cut in and said, “No, definitely not,” and the boys then all pointed at Lincoln, and she said, “This one!”

The boys revealed their favorite movies and sports

The next question was, “Boys’ favorite movie” and Kail panned the camera and let each boy answer for themselves.

Isaac’s answer was Matilda, Lux answered Black Panther and Lincoln’s was Remember the Titans, which doesn’t come as much of a surprise, given his love of football.

For another group question, Kail asked her boys, “Who is the loudest?”

Lincoln raised his hand, signaling himself, while Isaac pointed at little brother, Lux, who claimed he was the loudest, prompting Lincoln to change his answer to Lux.

When asked what their favorite sports were, Lincoln immediately responded with the sport football, while Lux answered football and soccer after some prompting from mom Kail.

Fans wanted to know who made the boys laugh most and which of them is the meanest

Lux got the next question, which was, “Who makes you laugh the most?”

The three-year-old answered, “You mean cry?”

Kail told him, “No, I mean laugh.”

Lux thought about his answer for a few seconds before turning to his mom and telling her, “Um, you,” which Kail found adorable.

When Kail panned to Isaac to ask him who makes him laugh the most, he answered his little brother, Lincoln, 7.

The next question from a fan read, “Who is the meanest?”

Lincoln pointed to Isaac and said his name right away, as Lux chimed in and said Isaac as well, while Isaac laughed.

One fan wanted to know how much the boys fight, and Isaac was the first to answer, “At least, like, a hundred times a day,” to which Lux added, “Four hundred.”

Kail helped the boys answer some questions, and included a vote for favorite snacks

“Who is the dare devil?” was the next question fans asked Kail’s boys.

Isaac immediately answered that it was Lincoln, while Lux answered Isaac, and Kail gave her opinion, saying, “I’d say Lincoln and Lux.”

When she asked them “Who does the most crazy stuff?” Lincoln raised his hand as Lux said Lincoln’s name and Isaac pointed at Lincoln.

“Who sleeps the longest?” was the next question and Lincoln and Kail both pointed emphatically at Isaac, 11.

One fan asked the kids, “What is your favorite snack to eat?”

Lux’s answer was chicken nuggets, Lincoln said Funyuns, and Isaac answered Cheetos. Kail included a question box for fans to vote for either Funyuns or Cheetos.

The boys hilariously started rooting for their favorite snacks, chanting “Funyuns!” and “Cheetos!” loudly over each other. Isaac whispered to the camera, “Funyuns are nasty,” in a funny comment from the pre-teen.

Kail’s boys were adorable during their Q&A

One fan wanted the boys to answer, “How old is your mom?”

Lux answered right away, “Four,” before Lincoln correctly answered 29 while tossing his foam football in the air, and added, “And she said she doesn’t wanna go past 30.”

“Who is a morning person and a night owl in the house?” was the next question and Kail re-worded it so her boys better understood it, asking them whether they prefer to stay up late or wake up early.

Isaac’s answer was stay up late, while Lux and Lincoln both answered get up early.

At the end of the video, all three boys told the camera, “Good night, Instagram!” in unison.

Kail recently took aim at a troll, during one of her podcast episodes, who insulted her eldest son Isaac’s teeth. The MTV personality also admitted earlier this month that none of her kids have ever watched Teen Mom 2.

Despite the drama Kail has in her relationships with her three baby daddies, she has done a great job raising her boys.

Teen Mom 2 airs on Tuesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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