Teen Mom 2: Jenelle Evans says relationship with Barbara may never be repaired amid custody battle over Jace

Jenelle Evans talks relationship with mom Barbara amid custody battle with Jace.
Jenelle’s relationship with her mother continues to be strained. Pic credit: MTV and @JenelleEvans/Instagram

Teem Mom 2 alum Jenelle Evans says relationship with mom Barbara may never be repaired amid custody battle over son Jace.

Jenelle and Barbara have certainly had their fair share of tough times over the years. Their relationship is turbulent at best.

Now, as they fight over Jace, it may be the end of Jenelle and Barbara’s relationship.

Why are Jenelle and Barbara having a custody battle over Jace?

According to Jenelle, things have not been great for Jace at Barbara’s the past couple of years. The MTV personality revealed the unstable environment has landed her back in court with her mom.

“Things have been pretty rocky at her house with Jace for the past two years. There hasn’t been a major change. We agreed for Jace to live with me, and she took back her word like a week later,” Jenelle shared in an interview with The Sun.

After feeling like she didn’t have another choice, Jenelle decided it was time to take legal action to get her son back. Jenelle currently only sees Jace every other weekend and for two months in the summer.

As Jenelle fights to do what is best for her son, she knows it will cost her a relationship with her mother.

“We will probably not ever repair our relationship, but if I do get custody, I will continue to let Jace have a relationship with her,” she expressed.

Jenelle says Jace has behavioral issues at Barbara’s house

The former Teen Mom 2 star shared some shocking revelations about Jace’s behavior at Barbara’s house. Jace has reportedly started multiple fires while living there.

According to The Sun, Jenelle’s court documents alleged Jace burned Barbara’s carpet one time when he was angry at her. Jenelle didn’t shed too much light on the incident.

“I can’t really say too much because of the pending court case. I will say that Jace wasn’t on his best behavior at my mom’s house, and that’s one of my big concerns right now. His behavior is just bad,” she expressed.

Jenelle admits she isn’t sure if Jace’s behavior is because he is getting older and testing his rebellious side. She does know that her son is perfectly fine at her house, even with her husband David Eason around.

“He loves it here, and he loves spending time with his siblings & spending time as a family,” Jenelle explained. “I think it’s time to just come here with the conflict going on at my mom’s house. It’s unnecessary for them to be together full time.”

The court battle for Jace is far from over, but Jenelle Evans’ relationship with her mother, Barbara, is done.

Teen Mom 2 airs on Tuesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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