Teen Mom 2: Fans are touched by what Kail Lowry and her boys did in their new home

Kail Lowry of Teen Mom 2
Kail Lowry and her boys did something sweet together in their new home and her fans found it touching. Pic credit: MTV

Teen Mom 2 star Kail Lowry has her fans feeling emotional after sharing what she and her four sons did in their new home.

Kail is currently in the midst of building another new home in Delaware, as she’s shared on social media.

The mom of four has moved several times throughout her history on the long-running show Teen Mom 2, most recently selling her home in Middletown, Delaware.

Kail’s home in Middletown held special meaning for her because it’s where her fourth son, Creed, was born, but it also held bad memories from her time with her ex, Chris Lopez.

Kail Lowry and her boys are making new memories

Now, Kail is ready to make new memories with her boys in a new home. Kail brought along her three eldest sons Isaac, Lincoln, and Lux to their new home, which is currently under construction.

The 29-year-old MTV star posted a video on Instagram with the caption, “writing in all the things we want to bring into the home ?”

In the video, Kail tells the camera, “I got Sharpies and we’re gonna write everything that we wanna bring into the new house, kind of like affirmations,” as she and her sons stood outside of their future home.

Kail’s sons took turns writing their affirmations on the studs of the home’s foundation within each of their future bedrooms. Kail’s third eldest son, Lux, 3, was shown first and told his mom what he wanted her to write for his affirmations.

Lux’s 2×4 read, “Lux’s room: In this home I want to bring in… love, toys, I want to play, I want to have fun, I want to be a good brother,” and also included the date 7/26/21 and Lux’s age, three years old.

The Teen Mom 2 star hopes to bring positivity into her new home

The last beam that Kail shared in the video read, “In our home I hope to bring in love, calmness, positive memories, tradition, commitment, growth + progress in all aspects of our lives. I hope to teach compassion and respect to my children, to support loved ones and to try to always be kind.”

The affirmation was signed by “Kail and the Chaos” and dated 7/26/2021.

Kail’s longtime Teen Mom 2 castmate and BFF Leah Messer commented on the post, “So proud of you and so happy! ???❤️”

kail lowry of teen mom 2 on instagram
Kail’s Teen Mom 2 castmate Leah Messer commented. Pic credit: @leahmesser/@carelessmorgan/Instagram

One of Kail’s followers got emotional watching her video and commented, “Why am I crying watching this ?❤️”

Kail read the comment and replied to it, noting that she got choked up while filming the scene. “same! I wanted to cry but I didn’t cause we were filming,” Kail wrote.

Although it seems like Kail has since changed her mind, she previously told her fans that she was already planning another new home build. When a fan asked Kail if the new home would be her “forever home,” she replied, “I thought so until the build started. Now I believe I will build another one that will be 100000% what I want[.]”

Teen Mom 2 fans can catch part two of the reunion special next Tuesday, August 3 at 8/7c on MTV.

Teen Mom 2 is currently on hiatus.

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