Teen Mom 2 EP Larry Musnik calls out Kail Lowry’s podcast success: ‘Don’t forget this show made it possible’

Kail Lowry and Larry Musnik faced off during Teen Mom 2
Kail and Larry Musnik exchanged words during the Teen Mom 2 Season 11 finale. Pic credit: MTV

The Season 11 finale of Teen Mom 2 airs this week and Kail Lowry’s storyline is about to get even more dramatic, just as things are coming to an end.

In a preview clip for Tuesday night’s episode of Teen Mom 2, Kail reports to her Baby Mamas No Drama podcast studio with her co-host Vee Rivera to record an episode.

MTV’s cameras were in attendance to film the event, despite Kail opting out of filming most of her segments this season. Kail has been filming for Teen Mom 2 for 12 years, but is hoping to branch off and get her own spinoff.

MTV camera crews film Kail Lowry’s last segment for Season 11

“The crew is following me as I set up to record a podcast with Vee and I’m sick of filming only about the negative things in my life,” Kail said during her opening voiceover.

When producer Anne-Marie entered the studio and reminded Kail that it was their last day of filming, Kail was relieved and told her, “Thank God. No offense. I love everyone that’s here.”

Kail discovered that the show’s executive producer, Larry Musnik, was sitting in the car while she recorded her segment, and surmised that he was “babysitting” her.

Before she and Vee began recording, she divulged her issues with filming: “Everything that I do is like, babysat and watched. Like, they’re hounding me to talk about my baby dads, but where’s Leah talking about Corey and Jeremy?”

Kail felt as though she wasn’t being respected the same way her co-stars were, and wasn’t happy that producers were pushing the storyline that she and Javi might rekindle their romance. “Like, come on now, why would I want to film that?” she asked.

Things get heated between Kail and Teen Mom 2’s executive producer

When Kail said, “MTV’s going to fire me after this,” Larry heard her from his headset and walked into the studio. That’s when things got heated between Kail and Larry.

“Y’all don’t hound anybody else about their baby dads the way that y’all talk to me about mine… that pressure me to talk about mine,” Kail told Larry, who played coy and replied, “Really?!”

When Anne-Marie asked Kail, “Did y’all still do your podcasts when you stopped filming?” Kail responded, “Yeah. I make more money podcasting than I do on Teen Mom.”

Kail’s remark did not sit well with Larry, who chimed in: “I’m proud of all your success, but don’t forget this show made it possible.” Kail’s reaction to Larry’s statement? She flipped the bird to the cameras.

The Season 11 finale of Teen Mom 2 airs Tuesday, May 10 at 8/7c on MTV.

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Andrea Wheeler
Andrea Wheeler
1 year ago

Kail has always put the blame on everyone else. She never takes responsibility for anything that she does. She acts that it’s her way or no way. She hasn’t learned from her mistakes and thinks everyone owes her something