Teen Mom 2 viewers react: Kail Lowry says she wants her own show on MTV

Kail Lowry of Teen Mom 2
Kail Lowry mentioned the idea of filming her own show and her fans were up for it. Pic credit: MTV

Since taking some time away from filming for Teen Mom 2, Kail Lowry has her sights set on filming for another show.

Kail has been open with her fans about her choice to step away from filming for Teen Mom 2.

Ahead of the Season 11 premiere, the 30-year-old mom of four told her fans that she would be absent from several episodes because she chose not to film everything going on in her personal life for the show.

The reality TV star and podcaster admitted that she’s struggling with sharing her personal stories on the show these days.

Kail Lowry says she wants her own show

In the comments section of a recent TikTok video, Kail responded to a fan who remarked about her time on Teen Mom 2.

“Pleaseeeeeee don’t leave teen mom ????????????,” the fan wrote.

Kail responded and said, “I want my own show ?”

Teen Mom 2 viewers support Kail getting her own show

It wouldn’t come as a surprise to some Teen Mom 2 fans if Kail were to get her own spinoff show and in fact, they’d welcome it.

Kail’s TikTok followers saw her comment about filming her own show, and she received a ton of support from them.

kail lowry told her tiktok followers she wants her own show on MTV
Pic credit: @kaillowry/TikTok

One of Kail’s supporters wrote, “Girl, I want you to have your own show. Your little screen time on TM is just a tease lol.”

“I would definitely watch love youuuu,” wrote another one of Kail’s fans who would support a spinoff featuring the New York Times best-selling author before adding another comment that read, “yes I agree 100 percent.”

“You deserve one! ?” voiced another one of Kail’s fans.

This year marked the first spinoff show in the history of the Teen Mom franchise with Teen Mom Family Reunion. The show brought together cast members, past and present, from Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2.

kail lowry's tiktok followers react to her possibly getting her own show
Pic credit: @kaillowry/TikTok

Kail opted not to film TMFR, citing financial reasons, but Teen Mom 2 viewers felt Kail’s reason had to do with avoiding her castmate and longtime nemesis, Briana DeJesus.

As Monsters and Critics recently reported, there have been rumors of another spinoff that would combine the casts once again in a conglomerate show, and drop some of the moms from the Teen Mom franchise. Kail made it clear, however, that she’s not interested in joining the cast.

Although there has been plenty of speculation, Kail has yet to confirm whether she’s completely done with Teen Mom 2 or not. A recent TikTok video had her fans curious, though, when her eldest son Isaac leaked that she “used to” work for MTV.

With so much else on her plate — including raising her four sons and hosting four podcasts — Kail has plenty to keep her busy (and earn herself money) aside from filming for Teen Mom 2.

Teen Mom 2 airs on Tuesday nights at 8/7c on MTV.

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Jennifer Muir
Jennifer Muir
2 years ago

I am SOOOOOOOOOO elated, that Kailyn Lowry will, FINALLY, be off MTV’s show, “Teen Mom 2.” You could not have made my day any better!
The ONLY thing I will miss is sweet, little Isaac. HE is the one who should get the spin-off show! (Have HIM answer viewer questions about life, and how to “Do The Right Thing, As An Evolved Soul.”)
As far as Kailyn Lowry getting hurt her own spin-off show, I couldn’t think of a show that would tank faster. I would NEVER WATCH that unless I needed to make myself throw up.