Teen Mom 2: Ashley Jones’ mom not sorry for cursing in latest episode, says ‘I’m gone cuss again’

Ashley Jones's mother Tae claps back after she gets backlash for cursing
Ashley Jones’s mom is not sorry for cursing in the latest episode. Pic credit: MTV

Teen Mom 2 viewers should know by now not to come for Ashley Jones’s mom, Tea, but they did, and now she’s clapping back. This is not the first time Tea has lashed out, and it probably won’t be the last. A few weeks ago, she got into a heated altercation with Briana DeJesus’ mom, Roxanne, when Briana and Ashley were trading insults online.

But this time around, Tea has her sights set on people who’ve been bashing her after Tuesday night’s season finale when she cursed while giving a toast at her daughter’s graduation party.

Ashley Jones’ mom claps back at critics

The Teen Mom 2 finale featured a celebration for Ashley Jones, and her closest family and friends were in attendance to celebrate her graduation. The colorful 90s themed bash took place at Bar and Ashley’s home, and towards the end of the night, Tea gave a short and sassy toast to honor her daughter.

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However, some of the words used in her speech clearly rubbed some MTV viewers the wrong way, but Tea wants critics to know that she’s not taking back her words.

Tea posted a message to Instagram this morning with a message for the critics.

“Congratulations Ashley, you did it Bihhhhh. I said what I said,” she wrote after the episode aired. “About last night’s EPISODE. Let’s be clear, I said what I said. ???? and next time she achieve a big goal…. I’m gone cuss again … Congratulations Ashley for pushing when the odds are against you. My momma is looking down proud and you know we are…”

Ashley Jones defends her mom

Ashley Jones’ mom also had a message for her daughter in the post she shared on Instagram.

“Don’t let this tv s**t make you comfortable. Keep pushing to achieve goals that can’t be taken. TV can be taken but what you learn is yours forever. We proud of you. CONGRATULATIONS Bihhhhhhh, ” wrote Tea.

She also had a word or two for people saying she’s a pastor yet she’s cursing on TV. “ trolls enter chat “ Aint she a pastor – again, let’s be clear… I left ministry some years ago ?????. Keep up!” remarked Tea.

As for Ashley, she has been laying low on Instagram and has deleted all her posts from the social media page. But the 24-year-old is still active on Twitter, and she recently clapped back at a Teen Mom 2 viewer who brought up Tea’s speech during the party for Ashley.

“Wait what did Ashley mom say ?” commented the Twitter user. “She said ‘congrats b**ch,'” responded Ashley.

Teen Mom 2 star Ashley Jones defends her mom
Pic credit:@_mermaidbarbie/Twitter

What do you think of Tea’s colorful speech during Ashley’s graduation party? Was it too much?

Teen Mom 2 airs on Tuesday nights at 8/7c on MTV.

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