Teen Mom 2: Ashley Jones and Briana DeJesus’s mothers are now feuding amid their daughters’ social media drama

The mothers of Teen Mom 2 stars Briana Dejesus and Ashley Jones are feuding on social media
Pic credit: Ashley Jones and Briana DeJesus’ moms are now involved in their feud. Pic credit:MTV

The drama between Teen Mom 2 stars Ashley Jones and Briana DeJesus have taken an interesting turn as both their mothers are now involved in their feud.

The MTV stars have been trading jabs on social media, but after Briana’s mom Roxy called Ashley fake, her mom, Tea chimed in.

Now the two women are feuding right along with their kids.

Ashley’s mom issues a warning to Briana’s mom

The drama between the Teen Mom 2 stars has been plastered on several social media channels and Briana’s mom decided to comment.

“Just last week she was reaching out to a Briana. This week she wanna fight, she’s as fake as they come,” wrote Roxy.

However, since Roxy decided to insert herself into the drama between the young women, Ashley’s mom Tea felt it was only fair to defend her daughter as well.

Tea took to Instagram and recorded a video, and yes she also tagged Roxy. “I’m minding my business…but I wanna know one thing y’all, who the hell is Roxy and why she got her mouth on my daughter? remarked Tea. “Hi Roxy I’m Ashley’s mama and I suggest you stay in your lane, cause you really don’t wanna meet me, you really don’t.”

She continued, “Hey Roxi I don’t know you and I do not know your raggedy a** daughter but what I do know is you don’t have no business putting your mouth on mine. You really don’t wanna open that gate with me. I do believe in the future we may cross paths and I’m the last face you go wanna see when you spewing all this foolishness out.”

“So I’m that one that can keep the energy I hope you can do the same,” Tae added.

Ashley Jones tells Briana’s mom to have several seats

After her mom issued a stern warning to Briana’s mom, the Teen Mom 2 star also had a word or two to share.

“Roxanne I know you’re trying to take up for you dirty…a** daughter, but I suggest you have several seats in her house before you have smoke with my mom bi*ch,” remarked Ashley. “I know you don’t want that, I know you’re not built for that.”

Meanwhile, Ashley’s mom had a final word in her Instagram Stories, “Never put your mouth on people kids…Keep yo mouth off people children before I put my whole mouth, attention, and vibration on yours,” wrote Tea.

Briana Dejesus and Ashley Jones mothers are feuding on social media
Pic credit:@realtalkteac/Instagram

Teen Mom 2 airs on Tuesday nights at 8/7c on MTV.

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1 year ago

What I don’t understand how Ashley’s mother can be “Preacher Tea” the way that she talks and her attitude. I’ve never seen a preacher act the way that she does. She tells her daughter to divorce Bar?! What kind of support is that! The way that she talks to other people, threatening them that hers is the last face they want to see? Hmmm, nice preaching. Set a good example for your daughter who thinks her **** don’t stink. If it weren’t for her getting pregnant she wouldn’t have anything that she has now. She has been rewarded for getting pregnant. And she is 6the daughter of Preacher Tea? What does she preach????