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Teen Mom 2: Ashley Jones denies surprise party mishap with Bar’s mom was fabricated for the show

Teen Mom 2 star Ashley Jones denies faking storyline for the show
Ashley Jones denies making up surprise party storyline. Pic credit:MTV

Teen Mom 2 star Ashley Jones is denying the recent allegations made by Bariki Smith’s mom regarding the latest episode of the show.

Fans saw Ashley’s attempt at throwing a surprise party for Bar after he finally got his G.E.D and despite her issues with his mom Shen, she decided to extend an olive branch and invite her anyway.

However, that turned out to be a bad idea because Shen spoiled the surprise by calling Bar and telling him about the party. Shen got a lot of flack from social media and she soon spoke out denying that she did any such thing.

As a matter of fact, Shen claimed that the entire scene was a lie just for a storyline, but now Ashley Jones is speaking out!

Ashley denies lying for a storyline

The Teen Mom 2 star responded to a few questions on her Instagram stories recently, and curious fans wanted to know her thoughts on Shen’s latest allegations.

One fan accused the 24-year-old of lying about the surprise party, but Ashley made it known that she doesn’t need to do that.

“Listen I don’t need to fabricate a storyline. I can sit on my a** all day and cry about Bar having facetats and they would film that s**t, wrote Ashley. She then explained she and Shen are in a better place right now and she doesn’t want any drama.

As for what really went down with the surprise party situation, the MTV star explained, “Yes I called and invited her. I think she was startled at the fact that I even called and she was [wary]. She called Bar upset that I even had her number. Given the history I understand her looking with a side-eye. I don’t think she called to ruin it, I think she was more concerned if I was calling her to start drama.”

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Ashley Jones responds to Bariki Smith's mom
Pic credit:@ashleysiren/Instagram

What did Bariki’s mom say?

In case you missed out on the initial post, Bariki’s mom Shen took to her Instagram after the show aired on Tuesday night.

She appeared to be getting backlash from Teen Mom 2 fans so she wanted to clear up a few things and in doing so, she commented that the surprise party storyline was a lie.

However, this might just be one big misunderstanding given Ashley’s recent explanation of what happened. We know that there has been bad blood between Ashley and Shen but it seems that have come a long way in the past few months.

If you check out photos on Ashley’s page, Shen is constantly liking the photos and posting sweet comments about her soon-to-be daughter-in-law. Hopefully, this drama from the show doesn’t cause tension between them once again.

Teen Mom 2 airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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