Teen Mom 2 airs ‘Most Memorable Meltdowns’ episode days after Jenelle Evans flips at MTV

Jenelle Evans on Teen Mom 2
Jenelle Evans during an angry moment on Teen Mom 2 in Season 7 last year

MTV are airing a Teen Mom 2 “Most Memorable Meltdowns” episode tonight — just days after star Jenelle Evans flipped at how she felt she was being treated by the network.

The special will cover everything from “screaming toddlers to baby daddy blow outs” according to the network, who said they were going to shine a light on times from the past when the Teen Mom 2 cast “couldn’t keep it together” resulting in “epic” meltdowns.

It is awkward timing coming just a few days after Jenelle launched into a two-message rant on Instagram in which she criticized the network for treating the TM2 cast like they were “in a freak show and in cages”.

It came after she described some of the scenes shown on last week’s episode as “uncalled for” and suggested it was edited to make it look as if her husband David Eason was “hurting me in some way”.

She also slammed producers for using subtitles for her son on the show, in a post which has since been deleted — although the other one remains live.

We told yesterday how she has deleted her Twitter account following the outburst in which she also threatened to quit the show for good. It also came after she recently had a huge argument on Twitter with her ex-fiance Nathan Griffith’s BFF Ryan Dolph.

A trailer for the Teen Mom 2: Most Memorable Meltdowns episode includes scenes of all the Teen Mom 2 stars, including Jenelle, having meltdowns on the show.

Watch the trailer below!

Teen Mom 2: Most Memorable Meltdowns airs tonight at 9/8c on MTV.

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