Teddi Wright explains her Women Tell All comment: ‘I am in a unique position where I do know a lot of things’

Teddi Wright WTA
Teddi Wright explains her mysterious Women Tell All comment to Clayton Echard. Pic credit: ABC

Teddi Wright was one of the women who appeared more sympathetic toward Clayton Echard at the Women Tell All. However, her vague comment made fans wonder what she was holding back.

The Bachelor’s Teddi opened up about what she meant with the mysterious comment and how she feels about the end of Clayton’s season.

Teddi Wright explained her comment to Clayton Echard that she knows ‘a lot of things’

After the house slammed him during the Women Tell All, Teddi spoke up in support of Clayton at the end of the special.

“I am in a unique position where I do know a lot of things, so I think I’ll leave it at, I hope that you’re okay,” Teddi said to a visibly disheartened Clayton. He nodded but did not further acknowledge what Teddi knows.

The contestant spoke with Extra TV about her comment and what she believes Clayton should apologize for.

“I do know how some things play out that will be shown soon, and you know, I think we’ve seen him make some mistakes. I think we’re going to see him make more,” Teddi said.

Teddi was likely referring at least in part to the explosive Fantasy Suite date episode, however, she also said she was “shocked” by the ending of the season.

Teddi Wright said Clayton Echard’s ending decisions surprised her

“I am surprised by the ending. I will leave it at that,” Teddi said. “I think he just got a little in over his head and I think he might have made some decisions that I think he’ll have to respond to coming up.”

She went on to say that she respects how Clayton handled the Women Tell All taping and believes that he is ready to own up to his mistakes on the show.

She also said that there are several women who deserve apologies from Clayton, but that she believes they are strong enough to stand up for themselves at the After the Final Rose special.

Teddi wished Clayton nothing but the best but did say that there were decisions he made that were avoidable in the process.

She stated once again that she hopes Clayton will use the After the Final Rose special to give answers and apologies to the women that need them on his season.

Watch Teddi’s full interview below.

The Bachelor airs on Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.  

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