Teddi Mellencamp dreams of hosting a morning show, opens up about baby Dove’s progress

Teddi Mellencamp shares a dream of hosting her own morning show
Teddi Mellencamp wants to host a morning show. Pic credit: Bravo

Fans got their wish a few months ago when Teddi Mellencamp was axed from the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

The three-season alum had a rough time during her final stint on the show, feuding with fan-favorite Denise Richards.

The two women didn’t get along, and when Brandi Glanville told Teddi about an alleged affair she had with The Bold and Beautiful actress, things took a wild turn.

Teddi dropped the bombshell on the group during the cast’s trip to Rome, but the blonde beauty denied the allegations.

Unfortunately for her, the scandal continued for the rest of the season, and by the end, Denise was done!

After Richards confirmed she would not return to RHOBH, viewers intensified their efforts to get Mellencamp fired from the show.

They got their wish when the mother-of-three revealed her contract was not renewed for Season 11.

Now Teddi is dishing about what she would like to do next.

Teddi wants to host a morning show

During an episode of her new podcast, Teddi Tea Pod, the 39-year-old dished about her life while chatting with guest co-host, former Bachelor, Bob Guiney.

Teddi revealed she would like to be back in front of the cameras, but in a much different capacity.

“My ultimate dream – just to put it in the universe – is I would love to be on a morning show or do something like that,” Teddi said.

Regarding whether or not she’ll miss RHOBH, the former Bravo alum says she won’t miss the “anxiety” that comes with being a cast member on the popular franchise.

“Of course, there is a sadness when it comes to the rest of the girls and the crew and the people I spent over three years of my life with,” Teddi said.

“But the true friendships are going to still be there whether I’m on the show or not.”

Teddi gives update on daughter, Dove

The reality TV star also talked about her youngest daughter, Dove, and how she’s been doing since her neurosurgery.

She shared with listeners that the toddler is “blabbering all the time” and walking in her walker. However, to treat her lambdoid craniosynostosis, Dove must wear a DOC helmet for the next six months.

“The first couple days, it’s a little rough because they’ve got to get used to their skin and it being hot, but she’s doing great,” says Teddi.

“She’s a fighter!”

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is currently on hiatus on Bravo.

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