Tayshia Adams isn’t waiting for marriage to have sex again as she did with ex-husband Josh Bourelle

Tayshia Adams
Tayshia Adams reveals she isn’t going to wait to have sex. Pic credit: ABC

Tayshia Adams’ journey as The Bachelorette is moving along, and she’s getting closer to finding a romantic partner.

And that journey includes hometown dates where Tayshia gets to meet the final four guys’ families, and she gets to have her Fantasy Suite dates.

These Fantasy Suite dates often include spending the night together, and there is the option of hooking up in private.

As for Tayshia’s previous sex life, she saved herself for marriage, and since she recently got divorced, she has no problem admitting that she doesn’t have a long list of experiences.

Tayshia Adams isn’t waiting for marriage to have sex

Tayshia opened up about this on her podcast, where she revealed she changed her mind about having sex before marriage.

“I waited until marriage, so that being said, I now have a different [outlook] on that,” Tayshia revealed on her Click Bait with Bachelor Nation podcast.

“I feel like sex before marriage is important because that’s such an intimate thing with your partner.”

She explained she wouldn’t have a one-night stand every day, but she does say there’s much more to a strong foundation than just having sex.

She originally married Josh Bourelle, a man she met in college.

“I married a guy that I met in college. I also had lost myself in my marriage, like my identity was him,” Tayshia shared. “But unfortunately, it was infidelity and other issues — not on my part — and then we got divorced, and I too felt like I failed.”

For Tayshia, intimacy is special, and she doesn’t plan on rushing anything on The Bachelorette.

Tayshia Adams doesn’t want her ex-husband to be part of The Bachelorette

Even though Tayshia’s ex-husband Josh has been brought up a couple of times this season as she’s discussed her past with her guys, she doesn’t want him to take up more space than necessary.

In mid-November, Tayshia revealed that she wanted tabloids to stop talking about her ex-husband.

He hasn’t issued any public statements. However, Tayshia appeared very upset that her ex-husband was continuously being brought up concerning her journey to find love.

He doesn’t seem to have any interest in being part of her Bachelorette story. Tayshia previously revealed that her ex-husband has not reached out to her after being announced as The Bachelorette.

As far as we know, he won’t be making a surprise appearance this season.

The Bachelorette airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC.

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