Tayshia Adams claps back at The Bachelorette troll who said her career is more important than family

Tayshia Adams
Tayshia Adams claps back at a comment made on her Instagram. Pic credit: ABC

Tayshia Adams has been on every Bachelor franchise show, and despite being a fan favorite, hasn’t been able to find true love on any of them.

Her latest heartbreak came from her break-up with Zac Clark, after choosing him as her final winner on her season of The Bachelorette.

However, it seems as if Tayshia has gotten the pep back in her step, as she has been going back and forth between Los Angeles and New York City to further her modeling and fashion careers.

Tayshia has been posting a great deal to her Instagram page, showing off stunning monochromatic outfits and other gorgeous outfits during professional photoshoots.

Most recently, Tayshia was seen in Manhattan, New York, in a form-fitting, purplish-blue ankle-length dress, that was sheer in some spots. While many fans loved her post, one alleged Instagram fan gave some insight that Tayshia didn’t appreciate.

One viewer commented on Tayshia Adams’ Instagram post, and Tayshia had something to say to her

As she posed up against a white, brick wall, Tayshia captioned her photo with, “Slow Down, Grab The Wall …”

While one viewer thought she was giving props to Tayshia in her comment, Tayshia did not like what she read, took it as a passive-aggressive comment, and clapped back at the said fan.

The woman initially wrote, in response to seeing Tayshia’s photos and posts lately on Instagram, “So nice that your in a happy place. You do you, you def took a detour from the road you were on of wanting to be married and starting a family, it’s not for everyone so it’s good that you realized your career is more important before you got married can you imagine how much more difficult that would have made things.”

One viewer thought she was writing something positive to Tayshia, but Tayshia didn't like it.
Pic credit: @tayshia/Instagram

After reading what this person wrote, Tayshia immediately responded and gave her two cents back to the woman, even tagging her in her response.

What exactly did Tayshia say back to this user?

Tayshia exclaimed, “Did I take a detour or am I just living and enjoying my life in its current season? I still want marriage and to start a family more than anything so what I BELIEVE you meant in referring to what I ‘realized’ is actually – waiting to be in a healthy supportive relationship while simultanesouly being a successful woman; a cohesive unit, not one of the other.”

She went on to declare, “I think some of you fail to remember that I stated this at the very beginning of my journey. I want to build an empire, I want to go after my dreams and I want my partner to be supportive of that as they follow their own dreams as well. I want a relationships where we cheer each other on. None of that has changed.”

Tayshia claps back at the viewer.
Pic credit: @tayshia/Instagram

Tayshia finished her comment back by saying, “So before you confuse the fact that I’m in the wrong for focusing on my career rather than with someone by my side and not ‘wanting to be married and starting a family, which is not for everyone’, (which is incredibly rude to say BTW) Maybe applaud me for not settling, staying to true to myself, going after my dreams and working on myself in the interm to be the best version of me for the right person.”

Other fans sided with Tayshia and appreciated her response back to this woman. One wrote how it’s 2022, and no one should have to choose one over the other – a family or a career, and others said how Tayshia’s response was perfectly stated.

Tayshia finishes her rant, and others chime in, backing her.
Pic credit: @tayshia/Instagram

As Tayshia moves forward in her career and in her life, Bachelor Nation fans hope that she can find someone who supports her as a person, as a significant other and as a career woman.

The Bachelorette premieres Monday, July 11, on ABC.

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