Tania Maduro won’t be taking Syngin Colchester’s last name, says he won’t take hers either

Tania Maduro discussing her relationship on Happily Ever After? Pic credit: TLC
Tania Maduro discussing her relationship on Happily Ever After? Pic credit: TLC

Tania Maduro and Syngin Colchester have been making waves since they first appeared on 90 Day Fiance back in November.

Tania, from Connecticut, met Syngin, a South African native, while on vacation in Syngin’s home country. The two hit it off, and they decided to move into Tania’s mother’s shed together before tying the knot.

But there was trouble in paradise for these two- when Tania hired a relationship astrologer for a reading, she admitted to Syngin that she didn’t view him as her soulmate. The admission clearly hurt Syngin, who had given up his life in South Africa and moved halfway around the world for Tania.

Their relationship problems have continued through this season of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? and one fan is finding another reason to question Tania’s commitment to the relationship.

A fan accuses Tania of not being committed to Syngin

On a recent Instagram post, a fan called out Tania for not taking Syngin’s surname, which she viewed as a reflection of Tania’s lack of investment in the relationship.

“Why is she still rocking her maiden name?” the fan asked. “Oh yeah she is her own soulmate.”

Tania, however, wasn’t having it. She’s always been outspoken about her beliefs, and women’s rights and feminism are very important to her. She made it clear to the fan that neither she nor Syngin wanted to change their names upon marriage.

Tania's Instagram post with the fan comment. Pic credit: @tania.maduro/Instagram
Tania’s Instagram post with the fan comment. Pic credit: @tania.maduro/Instagram

“I offered him my last name,” Tania explained. “He chose to keep his.”

It wasn’t the most direct retort, but what Tania said got her message across. The Maduro-Colchesters are happy with their names and don’t feel any need to change them.

The couple faces other relationship challenges

Although it seems that both Syngin and Tania are happy with their names, all is not well with the couple.

Syngin is still struggling to deal with Tania’s soulmate admission, while Tania has taken issue with Syngin’s excessive drinking.

The two also disagree about how fast their relationship should move; Tania has made it very clear that she wants to settle down and have children soon, but Syngin isn’t quite ready for that type of responsibility.

The couple’s problems worsened when Tania was involved in a car accident that severely injured her foot, leaving her unable to work. Syngin had to step up as the sole breadwinner for the pair, and the added stress has been hard on the relationship.

Although fans take issue with some behaviors of both Tania and Syngin, many are still rooting for the couple to make it work. Whatever happens, it’ll almost certainly be on TV for us to watch.

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? airs on Sundays at 8/7c on TLC.

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Lovely Mei
Lovely Mei
3 years ago

this girl is completely two faced, calls her hubby a drunk yet she left for an entire month TO DRINK WITH EVERYONE ELSE!! i wouldn’t have her