Does Syngin have a drinking problem? Tania worries that South African husband’s drinking will keep him unemployed

Syngin and Tania discuss finances
Syngin and Tania discuss his job search and drinking problems Pic credit: TLC.

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?’s Tania Maduro has a lot to worry about. On top of not being able to work due to a foot injury, her husband Syngin Colchester may have a drinking problem.

Syngin has had troubles in the past with getting drunk on the job while bartending, and Tania has claimed that his drinking has gotten worse since he arrived in the U.S.

Things were looking good for the couple when they moved to their own place in Connecticut after months living in Tania’s mother’s shed. But when Tania got into a car accident that injured her foot and left her unable to work, Syngin had to become the couple’s sole financial supporter.

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Syngin and Tania together at a bar
Syngin and Tania drinking at a bar together Pic Credit: @syngin_colchester/Instagram

Syngin has had trouble deciding what he wants to do now that he’s living in the United States. Unfortunately for him, the pressure is on for him to start working to keep himself and Tania financially afloat while she undergoes physical therapy.

Syngin has had troubles with drinking in the past

Syngin doesn’t have a great track record with alcohol. While bartending in his native South Africa, he drank on the job, got into fights, and lost a motorcycle. Tania has said that Syngin’s drinking raises “a lot of red flags.”

Tania isn’t the only one worried about Syngin possibly working as a bartender- her family is also apprehensive. When Tania’s sister asked him if he thought he had a problem with drinking, he replied that he drinks in the morning sometimes and that he thinks that’s not a problem. “If I feel like having a beer at 10 a.m., I’m having a beer at 10 a.m.,” he said.

Syngin holding a beer
Syngin holding a beer as Tania worries about his drinking Pic credit: @syngin_colchester/Instagram

Syngin got drunk after his recent job interview

When Syngin returned home, Tania questioned him about the fact that he was slurring his words and smelled like beer.

“Yeah, so, I kind of felt super bummed after the interview, because it was like a ‘maybe, maybe not’ kind of vibe,” Syngin explained. “Whenever it comes to me about feeling comfort, I don’t want that to be such an alone feeling.”

Syngin talks about drinking
Tania is worried about Syngin drinking too much Pic Credit: TLC.

Well, there’s nothing worse than coming home drunk from a job interview, and it looks as if Tania may be right in her fears that Syngin will have trouble finding a job to support them. There has been some talk that the South African may end up being the villain this season. Will Tania redeem herself or will they end up being one of the most disliked couples on the show?

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? airs Sundays at 10/9c.

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