Tahiry Jose choked by Vado in Marriage Boot Camp preview shared by Dr. Ish, Tahiry responds

Vado and Tahiry on Marriage Boot Camp Hip Hop Edition
Vado and Tahiry came to Marriage Boot Camp because he wanted her to treat him better. Pic credit: WEtv

Dr. Ish shared the most disturbing Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition sneak peek this week. Now, fans of the show are begging Tahiry Jose to leave Vado after the rapper attacked her during a group session on the show.

Tahiry and Vado joined Marriage Boot Camp initially because he thought that she could treat him better. However, it’s Vado’s behavior that is under fire, and to be quite honest, the signs have been there since the beginning of the show.

On the very first episode, Vado lashed out at Tahiry, calling her a “groupie” and a “thirst bucket.” The pair is dealing with some major trust issues with Vado questioning Tahiry’s past relationships and her uneasiness about his continued relationships with his baby mamas.

While the goal of going on Marriage Boot Camp is to help couples come together, it seems that many WEtv viewers would like to see Tahiry get as far away from Vado as she can.

What happened between Tahiry and Vado?

In the Marriage Boot Camp sneak peek shared by Dr. Ish, we see Vado enraged. He yells, “You’re lucky I don’t f**king hurt you” as he lunges at Tahiry’s neck.

Dr. Ish quickly pulled Vado off Tahiry and removed him from the group while the rest of the Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition cast sat in shock.

In the caption, Dr. Ish wrote, “This is not ok y’all! Everybody froze. We’re going to do everything we can to make it right.”

The clip instantly went viral and the comments quickly filled up with reactions that ranged from disgust to fear for Tahiry’s safety. Many begged the former Love & Hip Hop star to ditch Vado for her own good.

Tahiry Jose responds to shocking Marriage Boot Camp video

After Dr. Ish shared the clip, Tahiry took to Instagram to address it. She shared the following photo with a lengthy caption.

Tahiry Jose Instagram response
Tahiry responded to the Marriage Boot Camp sneak peek. Pic credit: @therealtahiry/Instagram

“First let me say that I’m devastated that this will be shown for the world to see, but I fully understand that I have chosen to live my life (good… bad… and ugly) in front of the camera,” Tahiry wrote in the caption.

She continued, “Let me be CLEAR for all the people that are saying that this was “scripted” it is NOT! As a woman that has already suffered physical abuse at the hands of a man why would I ever want to relive that? There is no check big enough for me to EVER play like that!”

Tahiry then thanked her fans for their “love & support” before asking for privacy while she tries to “figure out the best way to address this publicly in full detail.”

Are Tahiry and Vado still together?

Those watching Tahiry and Vado on Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition probably may remember them from their appearances on Love & Hip Hop. While they weren’t together on that show, they both made their first appearance on the VH1 series in 2013.

On the show, Tahiry was with Joe Budden at the time. He infamously proposed to her in Times Square in front of a huge crowd. And while it was a very romantic and bold gesture, Tahiry turned him down due to Joe’s history of cheating.

As they began to reveal their history on Marriage Boot Camp, Tahiry and Vado claimed to have known each other for more than a decade. Their relationship is much newer than that, though, and the pair have definitely faced some obstacles.

It’s hard to tell if Tahiry and Vado are still together based on their social media. Both are active on social media but never post anything about each other. Hopefully, Tahiry will address that when she does speak out about what happened in that scene.

Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition airs Thursdays at 9/8c on WEtv. 

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