Sydney Gordon addresses her haters ahead of The Bachelor Women Tell All

Sydney Gordon
Sydney Gordon is addressing her haters. Pic credit: @syd_gord/Instagram

There is no doubt that Sydney Gordon was The Bachelor Season 28 villain.

She spent more time gunning for Maria Georgas to go home than getting to know Joey Graziadei.

She wasn’t even fighting her own battle – instead, she took up for Madina Alam after Sydney was offended on her behalf.

Even after Madina seemed uninterested in the battle with Maria, Sydney just wouldn’t let it go.

She accused the Canadian brunette of bullying but her relentlessness caused The Bachelor viewers to turn on her and take aim on social media.

Even then, Maria asked Bachelor fans to stop the hate while she was still under attack on the show.

Now, Sydney is firing back – just in time for her appearance on The Bachelor Women Tell All.

Sydney Gordon knows The Bachelor fans hate her

The Bachelor villain Sydney Gordon is in Tulum, where we’ll soon see Joey Graziadei hand out his final rose.

While there, she shared a carousel of photos, some showing off fashionable yet skimpy outfits and others showing the fancy food and drink she enjoyed.

But both her caption and her final photo were aimed at The Bachelor viewers who have been sending her hate. The caption read, “cheeseburger in paradise” followed by palm tree and cheeseburger emojis.

The last photo featured Sydney chowing down on a cheeseburger and plate of fries. Across the photo, she wrote, “To all the haters who tell syd gord to ‘eat a cheeseburger.'”

Will we learn anything new about Sydney and Maria’s feud on the Women Tell All?

We’re almost at the end of Joey’s season of The Bachelor with the Women Tell All coming up.

It’s no secret that fans of the show are waiting to see what will happen between Sydney and Maria, who butted heads until The Bachelor headed to Malta and Joey sent Sydney home during that fateful two-on-one date.

The way Sydney gunned for Maria and made it her mission to send her home was easily the biggest drama of the season. After Maria admitted she wasn’t entirely innocent in the back and forth, we really want to see how exactly she wasn’t innocent.

With so many taking aim at Maria on the show — Sydney, Lea, and Jess — it would be satisfying to hear from all of them and Madina too as they try to justify the way they kept coming for Maria literally until they were sent home.

The Bachelor airs on Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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