Sydney, Lea and Jess called mean girls for the way they treated Maria on The Bachelor

Sydney Gordon on The Bachelor
Sydney Gordon is getting a lot of hate after her elimination on The Bachelor. Pic credit: ABC

Season 28 of The Bachelor has been full of drama – mostly because Sydney Gordon decided early that she doesn’t like Maria Georgas. And she just wouldn’t let it go.

Sydney took aim at Maria in Episode 2 over a comment the Canadian native made about her age, and she ran with it.

We’re talking marathon run because Sydney was going to carry this feud on until she couldn’t carry it anymore – and that’s exactly what she did, leaving The Bachelor after Joey chose Maria on a two-on-one date.

The Bachelor viewers cheered when Sydney went home, happy to see her relentless battle to get Maria eliminated backfire in such a glorious way.

That didn’t give Maria any relief when it came to drama in the house, as Lea stepped right into the villain role that Sydney vacated.

Then Jess took aim too, calling Maria out of her name. After the episode aired, Jess apologized to Maria, but that hasn’t stopped The Bachelor viewers from calling her out.

The ‘mean girls’ of Joey Graziadei’s season

It seems that every season of The Bachelor and even The Golden Bachelor had their own version of “mean girls” and Joey’s season is no different.

This time around, viewers are calling out Sydney, Lea, and Jess for constantly coming after Maria in the first half of the season, even leading to Sydney going home.

One viewer took to X (formerly Twitter) to call them out, writing, “found a picture of the girls out shopping together i can’t unsee it #sorrynotsorry #Bachelor #TheBachelor #BachelorNation Sydney, Lea, & Jess #meangirls.”

Many people share that sentiment. Another viewer wrote, “Good Thursday morning and happy Friday eve to everyone except the mean girls!”

They added a hashtag that said “team Maria,” letting us know who they meant as mean girls.

“Hey Sydney, Lea, & Jess look here,” another wrote on a photo of the Mean Girls cast.

Joey Graziadei heads to Canada with the final 10 women

In Episode 6 of The Bachelor, Joey Graziadei and his remaining 10 women are heading to Canada.

Sydney has gone home, but Maria, Lea, and Jess are still with him, so there will likely be even more drama.

In a sneak peek shared ahead of the new episode, Maria hoped Joey would pick her for a one-on-one. They were in her home country of Canada, after all.

The Bachelor will make two stops in Canada before heading all over the map to get through the Hometown Dates.

After that, it’s time for Fantasy Suites and the finale, which will take place in Tulum, Mexico.

The Bachelor airs on Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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