Sweet Home Sextuplets: Waldrops decide to stop filming, won’t return for a fourth season

Eric and Courtney Waldrop of Sweet Home Sextuplets
Courtney and Eric Waldrop announced that they won’t be returning for a fourth season of Sweet Home Sextuplets Pic credit: TLC

Courtney and Eric Waldrop have announced they won’t be returning for a fourth season of Sweet Home Sextuplets after three seasons on the air.

Sweet Home Sextuplets premiered on TLC in 2018 and showcased the lives of the Waldrop’s who have a total of nine kids, including two sets of multiples.

Courtney and Eric Waldrop share their son Saylor, their twin sons Wales and Bridge, and their sextuplets Blu, Tag, Layke, Rivers, Rawlings, and Rayne.

When news broke that Courtney was pregnant with six babies, the media quickly swarmed around their family, in awe of their dynamic.

Fans of the show have been waiting for an announcement regarding its return date and in June Courtney hinted that she would be making an announcement “soon.”

Courtney and Eric announced their decision to stop filming

Much to their fans’ dismay, Courtney and Eric made the decision to announce their series would be coming to an end on their YouTube page.

They explained their reasoning for making the announcement on YouTube and said, “This was the most asked question y’all asked us this past year, so of course we had to address it.”

They continued, “We didn’t want to just respond with a quick comment on social media. There was so much more we wanted to tell y’all.”

Courtney got emotional and choked up when she began telling their followers the news that they wouldn’t be returning to TLC.

Stopping filming is ‘what’s best for their family’ right now

Courtney and Eric explained that their decision was the right one for their family.

They said, “We have filmed for three seasons and we ended last summer. We ended last, um, like last July, I think. But since then, we have not been filming. We have not had any film crews in our house and we have decided that what’s best for our family is right now, is to not continue with the show. And, that’s hard to say because we have the most — you guys are the most loyal and precious fans — I, I cannot even thank you guys enough.”

Courtney and Eric ended by telling their fans to keep “following along” and that Courtney will still continue to share pictures and videos of the family.

In an Instagram post, Courtney shared a picture of herself, Eric, and all nine kids, holding balloons that spelled out, “We love y’all.”

Courtney told her fans, “I’ve been trying to think of a way to tell you guys how appreciative we are for the years of your love, prayers, and support. So we attempted this photo and it worked??? “We Love Yall””

“Before we were Sweet Home Sextuplets so many of you prayed us through those uncertain times that we faced….you loved us and cared for the outcome of these 6 babies!! Sweet people from all parts of the world to the sweet people right here in our hometown gave us strength to know we weren’t alone!! The Lord is so good??”

The Waldrops are ‘so very thankful’ for their fans

Courtney continued, “I’ll never be able to explain how much we felt your prayers, your love, your encouragement!! And for that we are so very thankful!!❤️ Sharing our journey on National Television with all of you has been something I never imagined happening to us!!”

“Getting to share the ups and downs of raising 9 kids…6 of them being sextuplets has been an unexplainable experience that I wouldn’t trade for anything!! It has sent people our way (like all of you) that continue to send encouragement and Love everyday❣️”

She concluded, “WE LOVE YALL and THANK Y’ALL for your support through all the journeys that life brings our way!! God is always in control and we will always give Him the Glory for what He has done and how far[.] He has brought us and our precious SIX babies!! He truly always knows what’s best and We will trust in Him??????”

With nine kids, six of them being sextuplets, the Waldrop’s will have their hands full for quite some time. As promised, Courtney will continue to share her family’s lives with their fans.

Sweet Home Sextuplets fans have enjoyed three seasons’ worth of memories of the Waldrop family and certainly look forward to Courtney’s updates.

Sweet Home Sextuplets will not be returning for a fourth season on TLC.

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