Sutton Stracke calls out Lisa Rinna, says her behavior affects the whole RHOBH cast

RHOBH Sutton Stracke spoke out publicly against her co-star Lisa Rinna.
RHOBH star Sutton Stracke says that Lisa Rinna’s poor behavior affects the whole cast. Pic credit: © Collin/ImagePress Agency

Sutton Stracke is not mincing her words when it comes to her co-star Lisa Rinna and her behavior this past season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

The reality star took a public stance, as she has had enough of Lisa’s antics.

At the reunion, Lisa recognized that she had gone too far on social media on numerous occasions.

She admitted to liking the attention she gets after she posts something out of line. She added it didn’t matter if the reaction from fans were good or bad; just the attention gave her a “dopamine rush.”

The Rinna Beauty founder even said during the reunion that because of her behavior, the RHOBH fans should “Put me on pause!”

But after the RHOBH Reunion, Lisa continued her bad behavior on social media.

She even reposted a fan who said that Kathy Hilton was responsible for her daughter, Paris Hilton’s traumatic experiences.

Sutton said enough is enough. Garcelle Beauvais also chimed in recently and said she had had enough of Lisa’s behavior.

RHOBH star Sutton Stracke wants Lisa Rinna to stop

Sutton said, “I just wish that it would stop. I don’t think it’s doing anybody any justice.”

She continued in an exclusive interview with Page Six, saying that what Lisa was doing affected everyone.

She said, “I think it’s only hurting everybody, and I think it makes us all look bad. Just make it stop!”

Kathy and Lisa have been feuding since before the season started, as some of the events during the cast trip were leaked to the press.

Kathy Hilton asked Lisa Rinna to take a test

Lisa said that Kathy had a mental breakdown during the cast trip. She said that Lisa had some horrible things to say about her sister Kyle Richards.

She also said that Kathy threatened to end Kyle and her family, as well as the show.

During the Reunion, Andy Cohen read out all the alleged things Kathy had said.

Kathy denied it. However, she admitted to having spoken ill of her sister. She pointed out that Lisa encouraged her and told her she was “Preaching to the choir.”

Kathy then asked Lisa if she would be willing to swear on a Bible and take a lie detector test. At the end of the Reunion, she was also disappointed in Kyle for not having defended her.

The only time Kyle spoke out was to say that she didn’t hear her sister use a homophobic slur, as Erika Jayne accused her.

Since the Reunion aired, viewers have called for Lisa to be axed from the show. Kathy has also given The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills producers an ultimatum. Sutton gave her opinion on the friend of the show’s ultimatum.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is on hiatus.

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