Susie Evans tells Clayton Echard to ‘stop humble bragging’ about his good looks

Clayton Echard and Susie Evans
Susie Evans shared a shot of Clayton Echard and his “baby face.” Pic credit: @susiecevans/Instagram

Susie Evans and Clayton Echard have built a reputation for playful banter, teasing, and even roasting of one another. 

Recently, Clayton and Susie’s teasing was displayed as the two reacted to a crystal clear photo of Clayton and his skin. 

Susie didn’t hold back in calling Clayton out after feeling like he was ‘humble bragging’ about his attractiveness. 

Susie Evans calls out Clayton Echard and his ‘baby face good looks’ 

Susie Evans took to Instagram to share a photo of Clayton Echard, with his light eyes piercing the camera. 

Susie clearly liked what she saw in the picture as she wrote, “Ok cutie” over the post. 

Clayton reshared the photo to his Instagram stories to shut down any ideas that his skin was actually as clear and smooth as it appeared in the image. He suggested his appearance was due to a filter Susie placed over the photo. 

Clayton wrote, “Please don’t ask me for any skincare routine! It should be a crime for girlfriends to use filters on their boyfriends against their will.” 

Susie called Clayton out for what she perceived to be bragging, writing, “It was literally the story swipe to ‘Paris.’ Stop humble bragging on your baby face good looks.” 

Susie Evans' Instagram story
Pic credit: @susiecevans/Instagram

Clayton Echard exposes the triggering and hateful DMs he’s received 

Clayton Echard has been championing mental health for mental health month by opening up about his personal ups and downs. 

The Bachelor experience was challenging for Clayton, and he admitted it took a toll on his mental health. 

Earlier this month, Clayton shared a screenshot of DMs that featured hateful comments and messages he received from viewers. 

Clayton warned that the DMs he shared were triggering in his caption and explained that his purpose for sharing the DMs was to encourage people to be better and think twice before sending harmful messages. 

Clayton wrote, “Trigger Warning ⚠️: I want people to see the second slide as a reminder that your ‘one comment’ might not just be one comment, but one of a thousand. All it takes is one comment to hurt someone, therefore thousands can do some serious damage. I received these messages, along with many others, a couple of months ago. I’m not asking anyone to feel bad for what I went through, nor am I trying to play the victim card. I simply want to give a visual representation of what the pile-on effect can look like. To hopefully stop someone reading this from contributing to a pile-on later on down the road.”

Concluding his caption, Clayton wrote, “Nobody should ever receive these kind of messages…not even one. Let’s strive to be better and if nothing more, hit “backspace” the next time you feel the urge to send a hurtful message, instead of ‘send.’ It could be the difference between life and death.”

The Bachelor is currently on hiatus on ABC. 

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