Susie Evans deems her first date since breaking up with Clayton Echard as ‘one of the best’

Susie Evans
Susie Evans updates fans on her recent first date. Pic credit: @susiewaslike/YouTube

Susie Evans is back on the market and officially ready to give dating another go.

Fans met Susie on Season 26 of The Bachelor, and although she left the show before the season’s finale, she and Clayton ended up pursuing a relationship after filming.

The two lasted throughout the summer of 2022, however, sadly announced their official breakup at the end of September.

This week, Susie opened up about her most recent first date, which she said was the first since her breakup with the former leading man last year.

In a “get ready with me” style video on TikTok, the new Los Angeles resident said she recently went on one of the best first dates she had ever experienced.

She told her fans that the two had met on a dating app and agreed on a brunch date, which had her worried about her hair and makeup.

“I went on a first date the other day and I feel like I actually killed it on my makeup and it was a brunch date, which can be kind of intimidating because the sun is out and you’re like, ‘Omg, you’re literally going to be able to see everything on my face,” she said.

“I also wore my hair natural on the date. Honestly, I used to only straighten or smooth my hair out for dates because I was really self-conscious, but I was like, if you’re gonna date me, you should know,” she continued.

The Bachelor’s Susie Evans discusses her successful first date after her breakup

Susie said that even though the date was more “low stakes,” it still ended up being “maybe the best or one of the best first dates” she had ever been on.

“Honestly, we hit it off. It was my first official date since being out of a relationship last September,” the former Bachelor star admitted.

Susie did have some apprehensions, however, as he does not live in L.A. and she has been weary about dating in general, especially in terms of going back and forth (with no results) on dating apps. However, this mystery man seemed to have swayed her opinion with his “go-getter” attitude.


I tried recrating my make up from a first date the other day. Honetly think I did it better the first time but this wasnt a bad shot at it.

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“It was kind of what I was waiting for this whole time. I just want someone to ask me out,” she explained. “I don’t want to chitchat on the apps. I felt like I owed it to him because I had literally been asking God for this, for someone to just be like, ‘Hey, let’s meet up.’ And finally, somebody did.”

Susie said the vibe between them immediately felt good, especially since they were both able to make a “gross” joke during the date. “I haven’t felt like I could be myself with somebody that quickly in a long time,” she said.

Susie was definitely not shy in sharing the details of the date, but not to worry — she said the guy wasn’t big into social media, so he most likely would never see the TikTok.

Susie and Clayton Echard announce their breakup to Bachelor Nation

While the split may have come as a surprise to fans of the show, it seems Susie and Clayton ended on the best of terms.

In their official breakup statement, the former couple took to Instagram to explain that there had been a “significant amount of pain” in their relationship, along with other factors that ultimately led them to call it quits.

However, they vowed to continue to support one another — something they have most definitely been doing since.

Earlier this year, Clayton released a book on mental health, 180 Degrees, which Susie was the first to promote to her Instagram following.

Susie wrote that she was proud of Clayton for his accomplishment and provided a link for fans to purchase the book on Amazon.

“I can genuinely say it gives you so much insight into who he is and the goodness he has in his heart,” she wrote in her post. “Everytime we catch up it reminds me what a good person he is and how grateful I am to have spent time with him in this life.”

The exes have even set up a joint fundraiser together to help a woman and her deserving family. “Claysie has reunited, I think for an incredible cause,” Susie said in a video to promote the fundraiser.

Since many couples in the Bachelor franchise end up parting ways, it’s refreshing to see that Clayton and Susie have continued on with such a strong friendship.

Claysie (as friends) forever!

The Bachelor is currently on hiatus on ABC.

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