Survivor’s Carolyn Wiger reveals she escaped an abusive relationship

Carolyn On Survivor 44
Carolyn Wiger was a featured castaway on Survivor Season 44. Pic credit: CBS

Carolyn Wiger shared an emotional message to her fans and followers.

The Survivor 44 alum made a post about escaping an abusive relationship and that she found hope on the other side.

Carolyn was an energetic member of the Survivor 44 cast, known for how much fun she had playing Survivor.

Carolyn was part of a trio that included Carson Garrett and Yam Yam Arocho. They made up the spots in the final four, but Carson lost the fire-building challenge.

Yam Yam won Survivor 44, Heidi Lagares-Greenblatt was the runner-up, and Carolyn finished in third place.

Singer Sia awarded Carolyn a $100,000 prize after the season, selecting her as her favorite player.

Carolyn shared a heartfelt message to her followers

“Recently I left an abusive relationship,” reads the wording over a video showing damaged items in a home.

“Don’t let them convince you it’s not abuse because they punched the walls instead of you,” continues the overlay.

“I stayed longer than I want to admit, but I’m proud as hell of myself for leaving,” continues the message as a song from Kesha plays in the background.

“Because I’m breaking the cycle. This hasn’t been easy. But staying would have been harder. Through all the pain, I’ve found joy. I’ve found myself. This is a new beginning. This is MY new beginning,” finishes the text with background images and videos of Carolyn with her son, playing Survivor, and enjoying life.

Carolyn also wrote a caption for the video, letting her fans, friends, and followers know why she shared the story.

“I used to think it couldn’t happen to me. But even through the darkest time of my life, I found hope. #Abuse can happen to anybody. You’re not alone. It is what you do to overcome it that is important,” wrote Carolyn.

Support for Carolyn

Many social media users have viewed Carolyn’s video and left messages of support.

“Love you Carolyn!” wrote Survivor 44 winner Yam Yam.

“You are so courageous! So proud of you, Carolyn!!” posted a follower named Hai.

“You are strong as hell, Carolyn! Thank you for sharing your story. Keep on being a shining light in the world!” wrote Peyton Cantrell.

Carolyn Survivor Support
Followers show Carolyn support. Pic credit: @carolynwiger/Twitter

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