Survivor: Winners at War recap — Who has all the Fire Tokens, Idols?

Survivor Boat
Kim Spradlin, Nick Wilson, and Sophie Clarke on the fourth episode of Survivor: Winners at War. Pic credit: Robert Voets/CBS

Survivor: Winners at War has now aired three episodes and four people have been eliminated at Tribal Councils.

There are now just 16 people left in the game, but four castaways are also residing at Extinction Island, biding their time until a possible return to the game.

Last week, Ethan Zohn was eliminated, as his tribe made a shocking move at the vote. Ethan then willed his Fire Token to Parvati Shallow as he went off to Extinction Island.

Who got voted off Survivor Season 40?

So far this season, Ethan, Danni Boatwright, Amber Mariano, and Natalie Anderson have been voted off. Ethan, Danni, and Natalie were from the same tribe, putting Sele at a big disadvantage.

In regard to their Fire Tokens, Natalie gave hers to Jeremy Collins, Amber gave hers to Rob Mariano, and Danni gave hers to Denise Stapley.

With nine against seven in the numbers, it suggests some things could get shaken up by host Jeff Probst in the next few episodes.

The four castaways who were voted off have a chance to find things on the island that they can then sell/auction to the people who are still in the game. This has been very advantageous to Natalie.

Survivor Season 40 advantages

Natalie found a Hidden Immunity Idol that she sold to Sandra Diaz-Twine for her Fire Token. Natalie also found a Safety Without Power — it allows the user to be safe at a Tribal Council but they don’t get to vote — that she sold to Jeremy for his Fire Token.

Then, during this latest episode, Natalie found the ability to steal a vote, which she sold to Sarah Lacina for her Fire Token. Due to finding all of these advantages and selling them off, Natalie now has three Fire Tokens in her possession.

Sandra and Sarah no longer have their Fire Tokens, but they have advantages. Jeremy has one left, as he was given the one that Natalie held. Rob, Parvati, and Denise each hold two of them.

Denise also found an Idol that was split into two halves. She shared the other half with Adam Klein. At the other tribe, Kim Spradlin-Wolfe found a split Idol that she shared with Sophie Clarke. Since they all survived, Denise and Kim now have full Immunity Idols that they can use.

Survivor: Winners at War rolls on

The next new episode of the show is on Wednesday, March 4, when another returning cast member will be sent to Extinction Island. The episode is called “I Like Revenge” and that certainly sets up some interesting scenarios. Make sure to tune in to find out what happens next and who becomes one of the favorites to win Survivor 40.

Survivor: Winners at War airs Wednesday nights at 8/7c on CBS.

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