Survivor recap: The penultimate episode decides who makes it to the finale night

Charlie Davis Survivor 46
Charlie Davis became a fun member of the Survivor 46 cast. Pic credit: Robert Voets/CBS

A new episode of Survivor 46 had the final six castaways battling.

Following the blindside of Venus Vafa, it was unclear who the favorite was to win.

But it was equally clear that Q Burdette was the top candidate to be voted out next.

As a reminder, the Survivor 46 season finale is on May 22. Then, the wait begins until Survivor 47 debuts in the fall.

In her exit interviews, Venus called Ponderosa “traumatizing.” Ponderosa is where people go after they get voted out in Fiji, and it’s also where the jury hangs out.

Soda Thompson responded and refuted Venus’ claims, sharing what she experienced after getting voted out.

Survivor 46, Episode 12 recap

Q celebrated Venus getting voted out as the new episode began. And Kenzie Petty wanted to know who voted against her.

Ben Katzman admitted to voting for Kenzie. He said he had a “slip of the brain” and that he had meant to vote against Venus. Ben later shared that he was having more panic attacks due to his hunger and tiredness.

Maria Gonzalez cried a lot back at camp, saying she was upset that Venus had called out her character.

Some comedy was also presented, as Liz Wilcox talked about having her first bowel movement since the game began.

A huge Reward Challenge

An obstacle course would reveal who won a Chinese food feast. Everyone wanted it, and Charlie Davis shouted “dumplings” as the Reward Challenge began.

The challenge was intense. Several people came close to winning it before having to restart the ball maze at the end.

It was a showdown between Liz and Charlie, but Charlie won and celebrated by shouting “dumplings” again.

Host Jeff Probst told Charlie he would head to the Sanctuary to enjoy Chinese takeout food and get letters from home. Jeff told Charlie he could pick one person to join him.

Charlie picked Liz so she could eat and hear from her daughter. Jeff told Charlie to pick one more person. He picked Kenzie so she could eat and stated he was selecting everyone who didn’t get pizza from the previous Reward Challenge.

Maria began crying profusely about not being chosen. Maria, Ben, and Q returned to camp to resume their day.

Letters for some, tears for others

Liz, Charlie, and Kenzie got lovely letters from home and a big feast at the Sanctuary. It got very emotional for the trio.

Maria was equally emotional back at camp, but because she felt bad about not getting the letters from her kids. She said it was lighting a fire under her to win Survivor.

An Immunity Challenge to decide a spot in the final five

Before the Immunity Challenge, Q found the Hidden Immunity Idol. He told Maria about finding it, and Q told her he would play it in her name if necessary. They chatted about wanting Liz out but possibly going after Charlie first.

The Immunity Challenge had the final six players out on the water. Swimming was involved in much of the challenge as they worked toward a puzzle on a floating platform. The winner would be the first member of the final five.

Maria won the challenge by quite a bit, even though it appeared to be close at times. With a guaranteed spot in the final five, Maria punched her ticket to the season finale.

Who got voted out on Survivor 46, Episode 12?

Maria and Q planned to vote out Charlie at the Tribal Council. The other four planned to vote out Q. Would Q use his Hidden Immunity Idol and be safe?

Q did not play it.

Jeff read the votes (in order) as Charlie, Q, Charlie, Q, Q, and Q.

Q Burdette finished sixth place and became the sixth member of the jury.

Here’s what to expect during the Survivor 46 finale.

Jeff Probst has also been teasing Survivor 50.

Previous episodes of Survivor are available to stream on Paramount+.

Survivor airs Wednesday at 8/7c on CBS.

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